The 48 hr Marithon  

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The 48 hr Marithon

Part 1. The Drive from the airport to the motel:

Since most people tell of past experiences, I wanted to share one of mine. This one was the most exciting time of my life. Let set the stage. It was about 5 years ago, I was living in Atlanta, Ga. I had been talking with a woman from California named Margie. I had been chatting, and doing some cyber sex with her for a few months. I had been told by my company that I was going to Chicago for 2 weeks. Margie also did a lot of travelling in her job. So we planned to meet there at the end of my first week. Now understand, I had only seen pics that she had sent, so I was quite nervous about meeting her in the flesh. Well as I spent my first week there, I was making preparations for her visit. I got drinks, food, and such at the motel. Now let me tell you that when we talked on the net, she told me that this weekend was going to be a continious 48 hours of nothing but fucking and sucking. Now I don't know about anyone else, but to have sex for 48hrs....that seemed like it was going to be pretty intense.

Ok....enough history...I left the hotel about an hour before her flight was due to arrive. Got to the aiport and for once the flight was on time.
I waited nervously for the next half hour. From the pic, Margie was very well built, shoulder length black hair and very slim legs. Well as the people were coming off the plane, I watched and waited to meet her for the first time. Soon I saw her in the line, she was wearing a short skirt, and a silk blouse. Her breasts filled it nicely. As we met, she planted a very wet, tongue deep kiss on me. She had a shoulder bag and her purse. I asked if we needed to get her baggage, she said no, that was all she brought. She said she was very horny and didn't want to waste time. We hurried out to the car. It was almost dark and it was at least a 30 minute drive to the motel. As we got out of the airport parking lot and on the highway, she told me she had taken her panties off during the flight. I could also tell she han no bra on, as her nipples were showing thru her silk blouse. She took my right hand and placed in on her inner thigh. I slid it right up to her pussy, and found it very warm and very, very wet. As I touched it she gave a soft moan of pleasure. I told her we had one toll booth to get through and then it was open road. She reached down and felt of my raging hard on and said she was not going to wait until we got there. She was going to take care of me now.....

Well I had exact change as we went thru the toll booth. It was now dark, and Margie leaned over and unziped my pants, and pushed them down some. Then she placed her head over my cock and started sucking on it. I was already very wet. I put the car on cruse control and reached over with my right hand to the back side of her skirt. I pulled it up and let my hand slide down the crack of her ass. I played with it a little and then found her wet pussy. I pushed in a couple of fingers, and pulled her closer. All the time she was sucking harder and harder on me. As I started fingering her, she was moaning, louder and louder. I could feel her insides getting tighter. I knew she was about to cum. I too was having a hard time driving and trying not to cum. But very shortly, she let out a very loud moan and I felt her juices flowing into my hand. She quickened the pace on my cock and within seconds I was unloading into her mouth.
She took every drop and kept on. Within just a few minutes, we pulled into the motel parking lot.
After getting dressed, and getting out of the car, we made our was to my room. As we entered my room, she grabbed me and we embraced and kissed.

She told me this is just the start. We are going to stay in this room for the next 48 hours and just suck and fuck the weekend away.

Are you ready for the rest of the story??????

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