Stress and more Stress  

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1/27/2006 6:47 am

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Stress and more Stress

Well here it is friday. Tonight I start a new on call and I have been given more area to cover. This will prove I am sure, for me to have to work a lot of overtime, and I am not looking forward to it.

Well on the subject of stress.....The wife and I have been seeing a marriage counsler now for about 4 months. I have not really seen any improvement yet. This week I went alone as the wife had to pick up the kid early. I talked to the counsler about stress as I feel the wife is under a lot of it. We both agreed that is something he might be able to help her with, but as of today she has not made her appointment.

I do know that when she comes home from work, and if it has been a hard day, she is really in a bad mood, and for me I just have learned to stay out of her way. I have to let her deal with it in her own way. The counsler gave me some ideas on how to help, but so far nothing is working. I would like to hear from ya'll if you have discovered anything that works.

I know sex is out of the question during these times.

I really feel frustrated that I cannot figure this out. I know everyone is different and handles stress in different ways. I for one like to get busy with something else, working outside, playing computer games, or just keeping my mind busy.

My wife just lies around in bed watching tv.

Well I would appreciate any thoughts on this subject.

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