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3/8/2006 1:31 pm

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Decision time

Well it has been a while since I posted here. Things at work have changed and I have been on the road more, just local driving. My situation at home has gotten worse however. My wife no longer cares to go to counseling, so I guess she has made up her mind. She is even more involved in work, working saturdays, nights, bringing work home. I get less and less help around the farm. It has now become my responsibility to take care of every thing. All she does is come home, work on her shit, then go to bed. I tried to talk her into taking a shower with me last night, but as usual she found an excuse not to. Well we had a falling out on Monday. We were supposed to go buy a tractor, and I just refused, well at least for about an hour. I left her at the house and went on to work. She called, mad as hell, so I gave in and went back. So now I am in debt for about 10K for the next 3 years. My delema now is should I just suck it up, stay and work the farm that I have so heavely invested time and energy in, or should I cut and leave and call it quits? I am going to wait until the 1st of June to make up my mind. I work in a college town so in June is when most apartments become available. I would appreciate some comments from anyone.

Roast4L 52M

4/4/2006 8:13 pm

Brother... You have the life that you have worked so hard for and will continue to do so. You seem to be a forthright man who works hard for the family. I think that you should stick with it. It appears to me that she has the problem, not you. I know that there are two sides to every story, but I think that the line is drawn. Let her be the one to throw the towel in, not you. You have your farm and other things to keep you busy. I do think that you have to let her know that you have needs. Either put up or shut up and let her know that you will be looking elsewhere. Piss on doing without. Life is too short and there are toooooooooo many fish in the sea. If she wants to throw it all away, well she is doing a good job of it. I do think that you should let her know what her actions are doing to the relationship. I have more to say but dont want to over step my bounds. Thanks for listening to me and I really felt your pain in your writting. Take Care Buddy. Talk to ya later

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