Interview with the Blogpire  

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5/23/2005 11:35 am

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Interview with the Blogpire

Right.. Apologies to Anne Rice, since the title is so similar to a title of one her works. There will be but one post here. I had considered "other" venues, but decided upon this one.. for now... .

Interviewer: First.. why did you choose Mysticwriter88 to lampoon?

Blogpire: It started out as a lampoon of bloggers , in general., myself included. MW88 was so easy.. basic laziness.

Interviewer: So.. it was not personal.

Blogpire: No. Never met the kid.

Interviewer: Then why him?

Blogpire: There is something about his "tone".

Interviewer: Tone?

Blogpire: Yeah.

Interviewer: Care to elaborate?

Blogpire: It just seemed funny to me that he claims all that he claims. I actually enjoy reading his blog posts.. they are funny to me.

Interviewer: But.. wasn't it mean?

Blogpire: No.

Interviewer: How would YOU like it?

Blogpire: It wouldn't bother me.

Interviewer: Really?

Blogpire: Really. I have a sense of humour. If I took myself as seriously as Mysticwriter does, I would have been long gone. I know that sounds like a "dig" at him, but it is not meant to be.

Interviewer: OK.. you said in your last post as Misticwriter that it was the final post. Are you a person of your word?

Blogpire: Yes and No.

Interviewer: Yes and No?

Blogpire: Passion/AdultFriendFinder turned off my profile, so I will not be back under that moniker.

Interviewer: And?

Blogpire: A few people understood that it was a spoof. They thought it was funny. Then the King of Blog and Roll said, “ This is not funny”, and people who thought it was funny started to say, “This is not funny” I think more spoofing is in order.

Interviewer: Is that a threat? They can have your profile turned off.

Blogpire: Yeah.. I know.. I am surprised it took ‘em so long this time. I thought that I was being “over the top” enough so that I would be spotted right away. I was too much like the real thing. I used the same words incorrectly that MW88 does.. guess I should have mixed it up a bit.

Interviewer: You’re starting to get mean again. Very unlady-like.

Blogpire: Ok .. I’m done.

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