Delicious revenge  

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8/13/2005 11:12 am

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Delicious revenge

It's been a difficult shift and I am aching as I put the key in the door. Kicking off my shoes and plonking the keys on the hall table, I am startled by an familiar odour. But before I can react, a blindfold is placed around my eyes. I reach to pull it off and confront the intruder, but my hands are grasped and tied too. I am pulled forwards and encounter a solid wall of naked male flesh, and breathe deep, yes it’s an expensive cologne, shaving soap, and that indefinable scent that an aroused man gives off.
I flinch as cold steel rests gently against my cheek for a moment, he is telling me he has a knife! No, it’s scissors, my clothes are cut away from me and I am only in my panties, hold-up stockings and wristwatch. “what do you want?” I ask “shut up and kneel down” is the answer. I kneel on the floor, and know that my head is now level with his crotch, and sure enough an erect penis pushes at my lips. “suck it, bitch” I hear, and I can hardly prevent myself from laughing as I take it in my mouth. Did you really think you could pretend to be someone else? I bought you the cologne for your birthday!!! I also know the feel and taste of this cock in the dark, so a blindfold isn’t ….. hang on. There’s one pair of hands in my hair pulling my mouth onto the cock, and there’s another pair rubbing my tits! So this is your revenge for the tricks is it? The scissors are now being used to cut my panties away, and the hands are being used to explore my nether regions, now very moist indeed. Now, this IS exciting. I wonder who the other person is…. err, no, other PEOPLE! Mmmmm, and the third one is wearing a very pretty perfume.
Ok, so now you’re picking me up and carrying me into the bedroom. Lying on the bed, my legs are pulled apart and a soft pair of female lips is sucking my pussy, a male pair of hands is massaging my breasts and a different cock is pushed into my eager mouth. All that can be heard is the sound of four aroused people breathing, and sometimes moaning in pleasure. The little tongue on my clit knows exactly what it is doing and soon my labia and buttocks are clenching in climax. The tongue greedily laps at my vagina, but is soon replaced by a cock, the one I know so well, the stranger is in my mouth, the unnamed woman is now guiding my tied hands above my head to her pussy. She is shaved smooth and wet, I rub each index finger either side of her clitoris, making her shudder almost immediately, and a little scream escapes her. This obviously excites you as your thrusting inside me becomes urgent and I hear the gasp and whimper of your climax, and the other man reaches the same moment almost simultaneously, withdrawing from my mouth and warm semen splashes on my breasts. You, as always, remain hard and grind against my pubis, placing your thumb between us, and I climax again.
I lie on the bed, waves of pleasure soothing me, and hear the sounds of people getting dressed and giggling as they depart, but can do nothing as you are lying beside me, pinning me to the bed with one leg and holding my still tied hands. The front door quietly closes and you remove my blindfold. “ok, who were they?” I demand, as you untie my hands, “not telling, it was a couple, we know them well, and they now know you even better!” I smile, thinking that I will never be able to look at any of our couple friends in quite the same way, wondering if they have seen me naked, tied and splayed on our bed for our mutual pleasure.

Now I have to get you back!

rm_4nik8_4u 61M
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8/14/2005 5:03 am

Ok, I thought the last story was good but this made me throb!!!
You are deliciously bad and that makes you sooo good! Please! I'd like some more!

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