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10/22/2005 2:09 am

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lap dance

I'm up late do nothing important and decided that before I got to work I'd relive a very HOT moment ... In the third person.

She walks into the club holding hands with the man who has stood by her side through it all ... religious or not religious; poor or getting by; sane or experiencing a mental breakdown; working or unemployed; straight or queer. This was the big night, her first opportunity to satisfy her yearning for the sight of breasts, curves, hairless pussys, long legs, lucious lips ... women. This was the first. This was the first time she visited a strip club; the first time she'd get a lap dance and the first time she could admit to herself and others that she craved more than hard cocks. In a short, denim skirt revealing the muscles and work of hours each week, low-cut top barley covering 36-D breasts and a curvy waist she entered the room and caused many heads to turn. Finally, they make their way to the back, sit down, order some drinks and watch. She watches women step on stage, dance as if their life depended on pitching tents around the room ... or in my case making the pussies of women everywhere cream, making their nipples hard and creating a fire which consumes every desire within them. She watches nervously as women walk around the room asking for an opportunity to dance for the men gazing hungrily at their bodies; she watches as women avoid them ... the couple holding hands in the back. Apparently women don't attract women here. Finally, a tall, thin, Exotic women with a sensual gaze, deep brown eyes, carmel colored skin who smells like slow, intimate, deep sex approaches them and asks if they'd like a dance. She yearns to be touched by this goddess but decides to wait on the dance for fear that all within her might cause her to attack this women out of sheer lust ... this goddess named Jasmine. Finally, after watching women caress a cold pole, shake their asses and cunts in the faces of men around the floor, the couple decides it's time for a dance. Jasmine approaches them and this time walks away with the sexy woman who turned heads with her sinuous legs and soft breats. In side the booth on a couch of black leather sits a woman who now knows what every man goes through when he's comtemplating his "first move." With sweaty palms clenched in her lap, nervous feet tapping the ground in an iradic pattern and a smile so wide it could engulf a 12 inch cock, she sat thinking of what she would experience and what she WANTED to experience. As the music began Jasmine took off her clothes, the little she had on, revealing her breasts, small but perfect and OH so desirable and her ass ... GOD that ass was sexy! It's at this point in time that I began to feel ... I began to feel the heat rushing below my skirt, between my legs and into the very core of myself. I begin to feel ... I feel her gently push my legs apart and slowly lower herself onto me so I can feel her heat against my thigh, moving closer and closer to my cunt at she begins to run her fingers through my hair. As she presses harder against me, she lowers her lips to my neck, breathing heavily the unforgettable aroma of lust I yearn for this very moment. She begins to suck on my neck, kissing it, massaging it with her lips and tongue and mouth as a whole, working her way around the leathe choker I put on to make myself feel exotic and sexy. She runs her fingers under my shirt, touching my waist then working her way up to grab my tits, touching all she can, trying to take it all in her tiny hands but clearly being unable to. All this time, I feel her heat tantalizing my senses ... GOD that was hot! Finally, she moves her leg from between my legs and places it beside me, fully straddeling me she leans back, places my hands which have remained frozen at my side, on her back. As I touch her skin, there is an explosion of desire, or lust of sex. I want her so badly I begin to imagine kissing her, sucking on her lips and massaging her from the inside out with my tongue. I want to suck on her nipples, gently bite them till she trembles with eagerness at which time I would work my way down her sexy, long stomach to her belly button, to the meeting of her legs, that place so delicious I wouldn't be able to restrain myself from feasting on the taste and smell of pure attraction. To eat her out is my ONE wish. But that's not exactly possible so I settle with these fantacies as I innocently ask if I can grab her ass as she plays with my clit, teasing me as if to say I could do with her as I please ... teasing me as she has complete control over my body ... she makes me pulse with every flick of her finger and I grow hotter every second with my fantacies becoming more and more intense. Seeing my craving for her body she climbs off of me, standing fully nude in the little light there is, reminding me of her absolute appeal and then she gets down on her knees and begins to suck, nibble, lick and caress my inner thigh. I think she knows how much I want her and how much power she weilds over me and is enjoying the close approximity to the center of my sexual fervor. At this point I'm so turned on that if she simply grabbed my breasts and gave my pussy a single flick of her tongue I'd cum ... screaming and creaming with complete pleasure and fulfillment ... but I didn't pay enough for that so she stops a little bit away from that destination. Standing up, she lays herself down, across the couch, across my lap, placing her beautiful cunt inches from my hands. I run my hand up her leg, feeling it's muscle ... power and sexy softness. I begin at her calf, and work my way around her knees which have probably don't have a single imperfection on them, up to her delicious ass and around to her inner thigh ... so close to the ultimate fantasy, her pussy, cunt, vagina ... whatever you want to call it it's all the same, it's the very thing my lips are begging for. I caress her stomach and smell her hair as I breathe in the power of restraint. As the last song is ending she sits up and once again straddles herself over my leg, letting me feel the heat emmitted from between her legs and massages my neck with her mouth. I grope her ass in a last ditch effort to relish her soft skin, sexy smell and beautiful body. Then the song is done and I am, as began, frozen however this time it's with desire, lust, and yearning rather than with petrified with fear. I don't know if I got more than I paid for or simply enjoyed it thoroughly but either way I will never forget my first lap dance with the sexiest dancer ... Jasmine. And if I ever work up the courage, I'll ask her to come home with me; to let ME make HER feel good. I completely understand now how men feel when they hold a woman's body in their hands ... when they feel the small bend of her back as she archs with lust, as she presses herself against him as she begs for sex with every fiber of her body. Yep ... I took my man home about ten minutes later and treated him VERY well for the next few days.

iwnt2plsu2night 38M

11/4/2005 6:38 pm

That was an amazing, sexy story. You really have a talent, the way you told the story made me wish that it woul never end, just continue on forever revealing all your innermost desires and describing how you made them come true. I hope that you put that talent to use when you share your first 3-some story.

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