He's a magic man...  

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3/20/2005 10:29 am

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He's a magic man...

Yes...my next adventure is with a dude who does magic...he's fucking awesome though and funny as hell. Whenever my lips aren't wrapped around his awesome dick, I'm laughing my ass off; he always knows how to crack someone up.

And yes, he's on AdultFriendFinder , his name on here is eatlightbulb; I'll just call him Jr. And Jr's quite dominant...lol. Now for those of you that have slept with me, you know that I'm not that submissive. But for some reason, lol, I'm submissive for him. Jr loves the blowjobs. We get together probably once every few weeks to chill and fool around. He's always a blast to be with.

So now let's get down to what happened. About a week ago we made plans to get together, then on Thursday of last week, I was told I was going to New York for the weekend. I'm moving to Albany in a few weeks, so I'll be up there almost every weekend. I got so pissed...I had to cancel on him last time because I was mucha sick...we're talking a mixture of food poisoning (you can thank the roach coach at work for that), the flu, and a cold. It sucked...but then I found out an hour later that we're going next weekend...not this one...lol. So I didn't have to call Jr. and cancel on him! Yay!

So last night, around 5 PM, I met him up at the local Sheetz and we drove over to his house, laughing and commenting on various pop culture things...he does a great Regis Philbin impression...lol. We said hi to his Dad and went up to his room. Of course, on the way upstairs I stole a few quick feels of his ass, he's got a great ass!

Insert a few minutes of kissing before I pulled his pants off and started to work on him...he was hard in seconds...lol. Now with me...when I go into fellatio mode, each guy has a different setting. With Jr, he's fond of wet faces...so I work up a lot of saliva and spread it around my mouth. He also likes it when you slap his lovely cock against your tongue...*grins*

I worked on him for maybe half an hour...I dunno, I didn't keep track. But the most amusing part of the night was when he came...it shot out like a freaking rocket...and got me in the face...and square in my right eye...does mutual masterbation make you go blind? LOL.

Thank god my eyes were closed at the time...lol...here's a pic of me and him...

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