'Nother day...  

f8ed4U 55M
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6/25/2006 2:36 pm
'Nother day...

Well, it's been the kind of weekend that I've needed for the last month. Nothing doing but rest, take a couple nice long walks, and go to a couple 12 step meetings.

That brings up an interesting point that I've been pondering lately. One would think that recovering drug addicts would relatively liberal in their approach to sex - not so. Its like a society of born again virgins. Conversely, in the swingers "social" clubs I've been to, not drinking will get you looked at oddly.

I don't know, one would think that people with the kind of life experience that drug addicts are prone to have (words of experience here) would have a slightly more liberal and healthier outlook on sex and sexual relationships. At the same time, why would someone want to get hammered or buzzed at a swing club? Personally, I want to be as focussed as I can so that I am completely present for the experience.

Guess I'm just odd...

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