Slapnut Update: New she/he all over Africa  

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8/5/2005 11:23 pm

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6/24/2009 5:47 pm

Slapnut Update: New she/he all over Africa

Aparantly the thing to do now in the mother country of Africa is for a man to pose as a woman, talk sexy for 6 or 7 days, and then ask you to cash a cashiers' check in your American Bank, and then send them the cash.

I signed up on Yahoo! personals 2 weeks ago, and this has happened to me 5 times. It would be funny if it happened to anyone else, but I am finding it quite annoying. And by my last count, there are alot of males in Africa; this could be a long year for me (pelase read my first blob for the entire story). However, this will not stop my in my quest, just have more slapnuts to deal with than normal.

Until the next update, take care and keep it real

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