What's the Deal 'bout a costume anyway???  

eyerockz 46M
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3/26/2006 5:51 pm
What's the Deal 'bout a costume anyway???

Saw a post 'bout 'what superhero would u choose 2 be'. The associated picture was, of course, the WonderWoman ... (any1 says LindaCarter's not still fine ... well ... phoey on You!!) (btw, anyone who wonders what I answered, find the post and find out!!) So ... what's the deal about a costume, anyway???? Do girls dig that too (a uniform thing, maybe?)?? I intellectually realize that a costume is nothing but some fabric, but ... (and i've NeverSeen the FriendsEpisode, just in case anyone's thinking that!!!) any fit woman in a 'Leia/SlaveGirl' or WonderWoman outfit is sure to have me drooling (not that that's terribly difficuly, i'm easy, i admit it!!!). Anyway, my thought is ... i'm so transparent that any female knows intimately how to push my buttons (they simply choose not to -- hahaha) yet i can only guess (and haven't guessed well yet!) at how to package myself in a remotely attractive manner (depressed sigh). Just out of curiosity, any ladies out there chosen their wardrobe w/the intent of pushing one specific man's button(s)???

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