Arrrghhhh ... 7 whole Days .... I'm a SlackAss blogger  

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4/1/2006 7:02 pm

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Arrrghhhh ... 7 whole Days .... I'm a SlackAss blogger

Well, I'm sure that my legions of Fans will forgive me (as they wait with baited breath to see what i choose to RantMindlessly about next !!! (Btw, anyone who wants to volunteer to be a Fan, sign-right-up, membership is FREE!! -- just say Hi when you visit!!!) AnyWay ... tonight my mind's Still on a young lady's Blog I read a while ago ... this girl's about as "UpFrontHere'sMyDeal" as I've ever imagined (remember tho, I don't get out a lot, so that may not mean to you what it means to me ...). ANyWAy .... despite the very frank/explicit "juicy" details in said blog, OnePhrase struck me really hard .... (WAIT FOR IT!!) "Wish he didn't love me so much". OK, I've admited and,or implied, Repeatedly, my experience is limited -- emphasis on the LIMITED. But WTF is that about???? Can someone explain that to me in very simple language (I've got an excellent vocabulary and a fairly decent intellect, I Promise!) I VERY MUCH sympathize with the 'He' in question. I'd Love to tell you why, but won't UNless some1 ASKS!! ANYWAY ... my Question to the Female populace here is thus .... Have you ever wanted a man for your very own, AND were turned down, BUT ... he still wanted you as His #2 (IE: BestFriend, hang out all the time w/me and my SignifigantOther). If so ... how'd u handle such???

Btw -- to anyone who's cared to visit & read, please reply something ... even if it's just to type "Hi, Eyerockz ... you're shit doesn't make any SENSE!!!

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