Sweet Seduction!!!!  

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4/12/2005 7:56 pm

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Sweet Seduction!!!!

The moment I have been waiting for at last, ahh the time to meet him. No worries and no fears I am confident and anxious. I begin to look around through the crowd. My mind begins to drift...... I feel a strong hand swirl me around. I look up to see a very attractive man staring straight into my eyes. I get lost in his features. His eyes are bright blue, becoming lost in the depth of his eyes I wonder what he has in store for me. He leads me away from the crowd, feeling every ounce of strength in his one firm grip, I follow willingly. My body is weak and my knees want to give out but i stand strong. I want this, every bit of this. He takes me up to the room that he has picked out for us. We walk in and i am astounded. The room and the view is beautiful. It has a window overlooking a great park, full of fantastic flowers and bright trees.The sky is a misty champiagn color and my eyes are bewildered. "Whats next" i wonder. I hear music begin to play as i turn around to see him glancing at me, with excitment in his wild eyes. My heart starts pounding again as he walks over to me, rubbing slowly on my arms with his warm, inviting hands. He grabs me close and wraps his arms gently around my waist. We start to dance as my curiousity overcomes my shyness. I begin to place gentel kisses on his neck, nibbling on his earlobes. I feel his hands move down to my ass, lifting up my skirt gently. I stop him and look into his eyes as i notice that they look softer now. I guide him to the bed as i push him in a sitting position. I start swaying to the music as i start to slide off my skirt revealing my black thongs with pink lace intertwining in the back. My nice round ass is now in plain view for the taking but instead I slide off my tight shirt, revealing my green see through bra. I walk up to him and lay him back on the bed. I start kissing gently. Moving an inch lower everytime, until i get to the zipper of his pants. I pull at it with my teeth and pull his pants the rest of the way off. His cock is now hard as I resume kissing and teasing his head. I put his dick into my wet, warm mouth and begin to suck, using my other hand to play with his balls and his dick. I look up to see the pleasure that he is having. He motions me up and slides my panties off. Just seeing my nice shaved pussy makes his dick harder. I insert his long,thick dick into my tight cunt. Ahhh, the pleasure is overwhelming. I start to grind my hips as i work every inch of his dick into me. He slaps my ass and i get worked up even more. We move to the end of the bed as i turn my back toward him. I insert his dick back into me,ahh my pussy is tighter now, stretching it, I start to move up and down. I can feel his hands brace my tits. Begining to nibble on my neck, my nipples get harder. My cunt is now dripping wet and he knows. He uses his other hand to pull my hair as I start riding him harder. UMM, he turns me over and smacks my ass again, pumping his manhood into me like there is no tomarrow. I scream out in pain but loving every minute of it. I start playing with my clit and he grabs my hair once more. I love the sensation of his hot sweaty body up against mine. I can feel his dick throbbing now, I begin to scream out in heightened orgasmic pleasure. He pulls his cock out and orders me to open my mouth. I do as told and beging to suck. My lips are airtight and he is pushing his dick all the way down my throat. I feel his warm cum ooze down my throat, not stopping for a second. I keep sucking until there is nothing left and he screams for me to stop. We lay there in fulfillment, at the pleasure we have given each other........... I wake up abrubtly when someone pushes into me. Realizing it was just a dream, I am left standing alone and wet (until he gets here) ................(to be continued when i get to meet him)

Spacemonkey220 45M
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5/3/2005 11:08 pm

Oh....God........After reading this and knowing that we were so close,
I now have to go and jerk-off......lol

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