Can't wait to go home!  

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6/20/2006 7:48 pm

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Can't wait to go home!

My first blog post here, and a newbie to AdultFriendFinder as well. My wife and I, and our son, moved to Cornwall...close to Plymouth in Devon a few weeks ago. I'm American (49) and she's British(31). She's been in the US for almost 3 years. My decision to move actually. Just decided it was time to change life, get away from the rat race of working in DC, and do what we want, whether we had the same money or not. Hell you only go around once!

Well, the title of my post may have you confused. I'm back in the US getting things settled. Wifey was coming back with me but our son got sick so I sent them back to Cornwall. Been here two weeks and probably have another two. I miss them terribly. I really want to go home. Now home is England, and will be for the rest of my life.

So..what the hell does this have to do with sex As you may imagine I'm horney as hell, lol!! Funny how the seperation has us talking about our old fantasies. Before my wife moved to the US, she realized she really wanted a woman. Well, 6 months later she was pregnant. That'll do a lot for your sex life! We've been totally knackerd for the past 21 months with the new boy and not only has our sex life suffered, but she had all but forgotten her desire to have another woman.

I've been reminding her lately....devil that I am We need to spice it up and I really want her to have her fantasy. Hell, I want me to have mine too!! So, we joined this site. Haven't really put it out there as I'm not in England for a while.

Just thought I'd start this blog for the hell of it. I know I sound like an old fart, at 49, to a lot of you. I keep telling my wife I am (she's 18 years younger than me), lol. But, I am still fit 'cause I've been an athlete all my life and used to lift alot. Been a real couch potato lately, lol, but still have a 34 in waist, albiet a bit flabbier than it used to be, and don't have man tits yet I do feel sorry for my wife though because when we make a profile looking for another woman on a site like this, there's me at 49 sounding so damn old. I still got it girls

Sometimes I wish I wasn't such a honest guy. My wife and I made a deal, long ago. If we ever have sex with anyone else, it'll be with another woman and if I'm involved, my wife is involved. She can have all the women she wants, though!

Here I am, back in the US by myself. Could do whatever I wanted. Not like I have the time. Workin' me arse off in the house here. But, the point is despite the fact that I WANT to go looking (I'm a guy and we just think that way), I just can't. I made a deal and I keep my promises. I really love my wife. She's my best friend and my soulmate. Damn good in bed too.....ladies

So I'll vent my frustrations on this blog, and IM with my wife (way to late in England) to feed our fantasies. BTW, she's registered here too, but hell if I can remember her handle

That's my ramblins for tonight. Maybe more tomorrow.

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