exoticeyes1000 55F
106 posts
5/13/2006 6:44 am

Friendship is for all eternity
And can not be measured in means of time
Friendship has its days of adversity
And is a triump for the fortunate
Friendship is intertwined with honor
And doesn't hide behind illusions
Friendship moves forward with vigor
And doesn't settle for complacency
Frienship displays its compassion
And at times a warm hearts kindness
Friendship reaches out with determination
And the distance between friends seems limitless
Friendship asks no questions
And never reveals a doubt
Frienship never interrogates
And doesn't raise its voice with screams
Friendship is loaded with forgiveness
And never declares a grudge
Frienship is filled with truthfulness
And comes from the bottom of ones heart
Friendship is brimming with a love
And is specialized, by all means
Frienship is what we all desire
And a true friend is what we need.

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