Cruiseship Madness........You Live Here?  

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11/23/2005 7:33 am

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Cruiseship Madness........You Live Here?

These are some of the questions the Local folks get asked every day when the cruise-ship passengers arrive on shore...........

*** "Do you live here?" (No, we commute daily from Miami)

*** "Do planes fly in here?" (As A Cayman Airways jet approach, and the sound of the engines is so loud I have to lean forward to hear the question....but I already know the question, having heard it before)

*** "Are we getting lunch on this trip?"

*** "How many reefs are we going to?"

*** "Is the coral Real or Plastic?"

*** "Is this a snorkeling trip"

*** "Do cruise-ships come here?" (Duh! You just got off one!)

*** "How deep is the sand?"

*** "If you go deep enough, can you go all the way under the Islands?"

*** ""What holds the Island in place?...A chain?"

*** "Does water go all the way around the Islands?

*** "How far is the ocean from the beach?"

*** "What time does the 9:30 trip go out?"

*** "I spit into my mask and it keeps flooding"

*** Are those flying fish?" ("No, they're swimming birds," a straight-faced dive-master replied. After contemplating this for a moment the lady asked, "Where do they nest?") be continued

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