Another encounter......  

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4/4/2005 12:05 am

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Another encounter......

I went out with a few friends of mine. They wanted to hit up a club and see what was going on, which was fine with me. Once we arrived and found a table to sit at. We ordered a few drinks and went to the dance floor. We was really getting into the music when a guy came up to us. The three of us started flirting with him as he was trying to dance between me and another girl. We both was rubbing our bodys on him and it was hard to cover his excitment. It wasnt long before he couldnt handle no more and was asking us back to his room. Well we told him there was three of us and he said to bring her along, the more the better he said. Well I was straight and the other two girls were bi. But they was fun to hang out with. We get back to his room and go inside. Once the door is closed my two friends begin to kissing and feeling all over each other as he watched. He looked like he couldnt believe it. I went over and layed on the bed on my belly to watch them just a little. Well the guy came over and started rubbing my back so i roled over and looked into his eyes. He took off his clothes as i removed mine. We got into a 69 and we was positioned where he could still watch the other two girls. He was really getting into it and his tongue was going crazy. It wasnt long i had my first orgasm of the night. And his tongue was still going. Well the other two girls came over to us, so we switched up just a little. I was still laying on the bed and one of the girls said she had to get home before her b/f got there so she left. So it was left up to me and the one girl to please this guy. so the girl started licking my clit and the guy went down on her. WOW! She could really go down on a pussy. It seemed like the more excited she was getting the more she was lashing that tongue. It wasnt long and her and I both cummed at once mmmmmmmm and felt so good. So now it was his turn. We layed him down and she sat on his face as i started riding his massive cock. Oh my he was so big and hard. It wasnt long and i had multipul orgasms. Then he wanted to change up. My friend had a toy with her that she wanted to use. So he got me on all fours and came in from behind, she crawled in under me and played with my clit and his balls as he reached back to use the toy on her. We was all so into it and cummed all together. Then we layed in his arms till morning. Which all through the night he was sucking and biting our nipples mmmmmm, felt so good.

crazyfunone2 51F
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6/27/2005 5:34 am

I would love to lick your pussy-you look so tasty

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