In the Beginning  

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8/19/2005 5:48 am

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In the Beginning

I started playing with my clit at age 4.
One day I was laying on my bed and just happened to have have my hand down there - don't recall why.
All I know is I started rubbing my clit and discovered that this felt really good. It became an every day habit for me.
Believe it or not I could actually make myself cum.
In the beginning I didn't think about boys and their cocks. It was simply self stimulation and a release for me.
The first time I thought about sex with a boy was at age 6. I was in kindergarten and it was story time The teacher use to have all of the children sit on the floor side by side in rows facing her while she would read to us.
There was this really cute boy that was sitting next to me "Phillip."
His leg was touching my leg and I remember liking that.
Infact I liked it so much that I made sure that I sat next to him every day during story time. We never spoke to one another or played together --all we seemed to do was smile at each
other. One day I remember wondering what his cock looked like.
This thought turned me on so much that I raised my hand and asked for permission to go to the rest room. I walked to the restroom and looked around to see if anybody else was there-the coast was clear and I went into the back stall and masturbated. I pictured Phillip fucking me. His young cock penetrating me over and over again. I was so turned on that I lifted my dress above my un developed breast and pulled my panties all the way down to my ankles and just stood there with my young ass and thighs tightened
rubbing my clit as I leaned back against the stall. This really got me off. Though I knew I had to hurry because my teacher might wonder what happened to me and come looking for me. So instead of prolonging the feeling like I normally would. I got to the point and made myself climax. I then returned to class.

To be continued

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