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11/10/2005 9:13 pm

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november 10

this is interesting. what do i write here after that title? hmm...i'm thinking in the cynical world welive in today it's hard to believe that we get along at all. it seems like everyone is out for themselves and noone cares about anything or anyone anymore. it's sad. is it that hard to say hi? to open the door for s omeone (guy or girl)? to say thank you? to offer to help? to goto your in'laws even though you can't stand being there? actually my inlaws are great! bet some of you are jealous. i'm not perfect by any means, and am not afraid to admit it. i do try to do the right thing most of the time (which is probably a contradiction to being on here, but don't judge me until you get to know me) and genuinely want to be nice to others. i am on AdultFriendFinder for several reasons, none of which are to hurt myself or anyone. this site should be about exploring, and adventure, and having fun, and meeting new people. life is to short to look down on people for what they want or who they are. you may be surprised, a friend or lover could be right in front of you but if you never get past the first look or e-mail you may never know if it would have been a good experience. i know there are some creeps out there, but that applies to women too. well, if you actually got this far in this message i want to thank you for taking the time to listen. now jump up and down and scream! didn't that feel good? now imagine what else would feel good...

taste_me_tease 35F

1/14/2006 4:06 pm

You are right some people are all about themselves or no one cares about anything or anyone and there are days that everyone feels that way. But there are people who are just plain like that everyday cause they think they are just plain better than everyone else. And that is only how they were taught or because they have decided they want more. Sure wouldnt it be nice to want way more but life is not that. Life is what you make of it. And no one has a right to judge someone till they have walked a mile in their footsteps so to speak. Because really they are no better than anyone else.

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