The need to write again...  

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10/21/2005 12:14 pm

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The need to write again...

May I admit I am totally overwhelmed? Only in this site there are close to 50,000 blogs, how come 50 people read my third entry? I do thank you very much. I am not even sure how people are even able to find my blog and I would appreciate if somebody with more experience than me would tell me how does this happen. I am also a little obsessed about checking the answers… so far, no one has insulted me or posted any nasty comment. I am thankful for that also. The nagging question I would like to get answered is whether I should only speak about sex here or people would be interested about other things? I feel I would like to speak about sex but about other things also.

Since even to my surprise I am getting some following, I would like to tell you a little bit more about me. I am 30. I guess that is the age you start to look at things twice. Born in Europe, near the Mediterranean Sea. Soon you will know the exact location, I guess. I came to AdultFriendFinder because I was curious. I met a number of people, as I said before, but I am quite ready to take a break. If I ever meet anybody thru here again, that person will have to be someone very especial. Do not get me wrong: I would be very able to take a flight and meet any interesting person and come back the same day ‒sex not being the main goal of the trip. For instance, I would love to meet my adored frogger1995.

This is what I have discovered so far: It is not sex what pushed me to experiment, but a deep desire to meet people. Only that it seems having sex on perspective makes us rush through the motions. I repeat my observation: more than anything else, I felt alive when going to a date, often more than even at the date itself…

My best date happened on a Sunday afternoon. I could not believe that woman wanted to meet with me and at her place. She was very nice. Only three weeks later she probably experienced what I am experiencing now and she told me she would not meet anybody else, she was ready for a break. She made sure I understood it had nothing to do with our date. Actually, it had been nice for her also. But she disappeared.

Some time later I sent her a message, just concerned about how she was doing. She was surprised about me concerned about her. We can be about sex, but it should not happen that we lose the perspective that we are dealing with human beings. Maybe it was the best sex I had here, also the person I would have cared about the most. I was happy she had left this thing behind, but do not get me wrong, I am not speaking about morals, but about how wonderful it is that somebody is able to leave this behind ‒not the best option for everybody, but it was the best option at that time for her. Even if I was left so thirsty to be with her again, her good was ten times larger than my own good.

The sun is finally coming through the window, and a wonderful and beautiful co-worker stopped by to see how I was doing. It might not be such a bad day in the end. Thanks very much for reading me.


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