Monday morning...  

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10/24/2005 9:10 am

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Monday morning...

Monday comes after Sunday. Sunday afternoon has always been a difficult time for me, it makes me sad and I never knew why. To make things worse, I was so much waiting for Frogger's daily post and it never came.

She posted an answer to one of my comments. Her post had been censored by AdultFriendFinder. (Frogger, is there any chance to get it anyway?) I think I have discovered that if you put too many question marks or exclamation signs, AdultFriendFinder will automatically censor it. I has to be something like that. Otherwise, it would mean that a person actually reads all the posts. This person, by now, would be in a serious risk of suicide.

I read a great post: "Sex Study..." goddessofbitches. A woman wondering what makes sex great for a man. I am glad to see we are not the only ones worrying. In this sense I have not been very lucky in my sexual relationships, I always felt I was the one supposed to lead and I would have loved a change for once. Too late, as my hormones have me in a "down state" (I think I would only meet Frogger...) Even when meeting women here who claimed that they wanted to lead, the leading role always felt on me. More than a general opinion, this is at least what I have experienced.

For me, Frogger right now would be the example of what I (this particular man) would need. A very nice body (her main pic is incredibly beautiful --i hope she does not mind I am posting it), but especially, an astoning intelligence and wit. It is a pity that she lives so far away --and that she has not challenged me yet to fly to Houston.

(I also happened to view the profile of flowergirl437 Of course, it is fake. But I admired the "winter-like" pic, since it is getting colder in WI. Fake profile, but adapted to the weather... I am amazed at how intelligent people in marketing are. Or it is that we (men) are so predictable?)

Have a nice Monday --if that is not a contradiction in itself.

Yours, Ewan

goddessofbitches 41M/33F

10/25/2005 12:20 pm

Your not alone sweetie...there are many of us..including me...who have found "fakies"
I have been looking for a woman to fulfill my needs..whichever they may be.

Thanks for mentioning me...

Always The Bitch

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