Matches and some other things...  

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12/20/2005 10:25 pm

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Matches and some other things...

In my flying, non-sexual visit to my adored AdultFriendFinder friend I took, by accident, her matches. I did not even realized it. Today I used the last one and I paused and reflected as I lighted my cigarrette. So it is not true I did not get anything out of AdultFriendFinder. Be it a very necessary match (kidding, I also liked meeting her).

I have a date tomorrow. Yes, now that I was lowering my expectations someone really wanted to meet me. She is nice, but shy, and again, my suspicion is that sex will not happen. Maybe some form of intimacy, which may be better than sex. We saw each other on cam, and I did put a show for her, so that she knows what to expect. I enjoyed showing her what I am like with detail -does that make me a freak?

I would place a bet to myself. Following, my distribution of percentages of possibilities of the different possible outcomes.

a) terrible date, from beginning to end...a total disappointment, I am definitely out of AdultFriendFinder. 10%
b) Good date, nice time, but no sex. 15%
c) Good date, some exhibitionism perhaps. 40%
d) Complete sex -but not a good date anyways. 10%
e) Great complete sexual relationship but not much else 15%
f) Great sex accompanied by a great conversation, we remain friends, I will see her again. 20%

So, I am still working on lowering my expectations, it seems... Too much hope still -I do have to work on that.

I will keep you posted.
Yours, Ewan.

In the pic... I just went to catch a "fakey" just for the sake of it.

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