Lowering expectations...  

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12/18/2005 3:21 pm

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Lowering expectations...

Any psychologyst would agree with me: the problem of unhappyness is when we have high expectations about something. If we lower them, happyness is much easier. I have reached it was to have high expectations to find here someone like me, looking for what I look for. Simply too much.

I suppose this was my problem with this site. Knowing that I am a decent guy and thinking I would find great people here. I did find some, don't get me wrong. But now that I am here only to see pics, now that I have decided not to meet anybody new -never say never, but quite close to that, well, the experience improves. No more frustration.

Now I can sit and relax watching the fakeys, which do not upset me as they did before. Now I can sit back and enjoy the crazyness of the most beautiful date I had in here. Now I can wonder openly about what someone whose pics are as wonderful as they are is doing in a site like this.

In this new attitude, I had the expereince of rejecting someone who wanted to meet. Why in the world a couple of nice people would like to meet me? Now I was able to set some parameters that were "normal" (why should I pay for the room or have sex in a car?) So, gone they are.

Now I can simply look for aesthetic pleasure, and some of the pics here are amazing -faked (most) or not.

Well, I just wanted to share that. If you feel frustrated about this site, just lower your expectations. If you are a man, just think there are too many of us. DonĀ“t take it personal.

My only regret here will be that one nice date which promised too much. But, perhaps, my expectations were too high.

Take care people, keep it safe and peaceful.
Yours, Ewan

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