It went well...  

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11/8/2005 8:54 pm

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It went well...

I don't think anybody really cares -this was, as I wrote yesterday, a non-sexual date- but I will still explain it.

I parked my car in front of the restaurant and I felt strangely good. I had finally decided to wear gray jeans and a white long sleeved white shirt (a woman told me once any man looks quite good on a long sleeved white shirt). I thought I was "any" man. Through the glasses of the doors of the restaurant I already saw her smiling at me. She looked better than in her pictures (definitely it was the smile). She was sitting at a high table and I asked her if we could move to a normal table, still in the smoking section. She did not mind, so I thought we were doing well.

She smokes, which it is great. She likes "strange" food (paté) and she has a nice adiction to brie. She even ordered wine like I did. The waitress was wonderful, the food was good. We spoke about many things. About our lives, families, jobs. About our blogs, about previous meetings. I told her of a painful one I had in that same restaurant that I like so much -and I also told her she had broken the spell (we sat at the same table...). She kept smiling, and she looked so beautiful when she blushed a couple of times. I think she blushed when I told her she looked 10,000 times better than in her pictures. I do not remember why she blushed the second time.

It was simply peaceful and nice, when nothing related with here had been peaceful and nice. I drove her to a doctor's appointment, it is the first AdultFriend who gets in my car. She asked me about what music I like. In a very low voice, hesitant, I answered that I like mainly opera and symphonic music, which it seems she found like an interesting kind of music to like (to my surprise).

I hated leaving her. She made me feel beautiful. A couple of hours later I read her blog. A post before and after the date. She says I am a total gentleman, which is the nicest thing she could have told me. I felt happy but with a certain feeling of emptiness when I left her at the doctor's appointment (something about planned parenthood). I know you do not go to something like that with someone you just met, but I was ready to play the caring, loving partner role if necessary. Or the chauffer role. I would have waited for her, but she did not let me. I drove back to work. I thought it was a beautiful fall afternoon. It is an exageration, I know, but the leaves falling from the trees were of the color of her eyes.

Yours, Ewan

frogger1995 39F

11/11/2005 8:19 pm

I'm glad it went well for you. Hpefully others will go as well

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