Is it me or just a gender distribution of responsabilities? (something about airports also)  

ewan_1973 44M
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11/9/2005 11:27 pm

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3/11/2006 9:36 pm

Is it me or just a gender distribution of responsabilities? (something about airports also)

I am still filled with joy and happiness from my last date. I can't help but suspect she will not like me as much as I liked her, but life is tough and my mama taught me that from a very early age.

Back into normal life, today I picked up a friend from the airport. I have traveled since I was very young and I have always found airports are very interesting places. The flight was delayed so I had time to look at people, which is one of my favorite past-times. In an almost sub-conscious way I tried to discern which individuals would be prone to use the services of a website like this one. The flight was delayed further, so I had time to imagine profiles, calculating heights, body types, favorite hobbies, etc.

Speaking of airports, I have decided to visit someone I met here. The thing is that I will fly for five hours (two and a half each leg of the trip) to spend some seven hours with her. I do not think sex will have any part on it, and it is not (I promise) my first motivation to take the trip. I felt attraction to that person from what she wrote in her profile ‒which includes some sex, yes, but many other things ‒including similar political views.

I have always been very “soft” when I like someone. This means that after a date, a good chat, or a good conversation, I am almost always the one who takes the initiative to see, or talk, or chat, or message again. It does make me feel a little stupid, really, and I was wondering if this is a gender distribution of responsibilities or if it is simply how I am made. I always wonder what would happen if I were more handsome and interesting, but I guess this I will never know.

Maybe some woman would like to instruct me on this issue: is it better in the long run to be a little tougher?

Yours, Ewan

Things to Be Happy About:
1. A movie: The Runaway Jury
2. An actress: Rachel Weisz
3. The fact that some women find an (otherwise embarrassing accent) actually cute.
4. The opera Carmen by Bizet
5. The storyline of the opera Turandot, which in a subtle way speaks about the main issue in this post.

konkali 40F

11/10/2005 6:45 am

So what? You're a romantic at heart.. there's nothing wrong with that. If you can retain your sanity and your gentleness, then you'll be fine, but otherwise, you may have to give it up to retain sanity.
YOu sound delightful, I hope your trip turns out to be fun and pleasing!

rm_corezon 53F
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11/10/2005 9:32 am

Supposedly this is the day of sexual equality, but to a certain extend it is gender responsiblity;

It is definitely the gentlemanly and polite thing to be the one to initiate first response post first date whether or not you had sex...up to you how, whether email, phone call, or roses...

If it is someone I met over inet, I may respond by email whether or not he does 1st...but ESPECIALLY if I like the guy I REALLY want him to respond 1st, that makes me feel more that I am not just another number in his phone book...

but DON"T send her roses unless it was spectacular and you REALLY want to pursue the relationship.

rm_corezon 53F
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11/10/2005 9:33 am

By the way, I am female.

rm_corezon 53F
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11/10/2005 9:37 am

Don't be tougher, really, unless you want a lifetime of meaningless relationships. You might have to kiss a few frogs before you find a princess, helps to have the ability to be win some, you lose some...

I doubt you can tell from looking as to whether someone would be on a site like this or not;

I suspect the biggest predictors would be whether or not they have a computer and are computer-literate...

There curiosity level...

And how much time they have on their hands!!!!!!!

frogger1995 39F

11/15/2005 8:01 pm

That's's usually the other way around..with the woman wanting to call and meet. You are refreshing.

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