First time ever...  

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10/20/2005 9:12 pm

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First time ever...

No, this is not about my first sexual experience. It is about the first time I was interested on a blog. I felt a little sick today and I had a chance to read Frogger1995's blog. Amazing. I owe it to her to begin writing.

To all of you purists of the English language, you will have to excuse me more than once. English is my third language, so I warn there will be some mistakes (right now, I do not think anybody will read anyway, so I do not think I need to worry).

I discovered this site on February 2004. During the last one and a half years I might have met 15 women from here. I had sex with 14 of them. One asked for money (and you might wonder if that is the one I did not have sex with...) Only one became a constant friend and lover --but the experience in general was not bad. Now I am ready to take a break and to reflect about many things --including why did I do it.

The experience has been good, to understand myself and to understand others. It has been a little cold sometimes, and often a little soul-emptying. In the beginning it was amazing to experience the adrenaline driving to a date. Sometimes this was the best part of the rendez-vouz. Never was I surprised not finding the person I was expecting. In most cases, they were older than me. One woman told me we would not have sex and we did --the only time in my life I have felt used, but I will tell you about it some other day.

I was not discriminating at all in the beginning. I met with anybody who would meet me. I will tell you about this also. Two of the women were twice my bmi (body mass index). But they were nice people, and I do not regreat having met with them.

If I get more than one reader, I will continue. Let me finish recommending an author: Ian McEwan --I think "Atonement" is his last book. Great column by him in "The Guardian" the other day. And watch "Crash", the best movie I have watched in the last 5 years.

Frogger always finishes her posts with "things to be grateful about". Tonight, I am grateful she is back.

Yours, Ewan.

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