After a good, long day...  

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10/22/2005 9:06 pm

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After a good, long day...

Something has happened to me. Frogger1995 would probably speak of either paranoia (possibly) or hormones. (Frogger, I do hope you admit that men also go through all these things and “up” and “down” periods of libido. Or maybe I should speak for myself. Well, I was brought up in a family full of women ‒only grandmas, sisters, cousins… all women. I think that is what saved me from not being even more stupid that I am.)

As I was saying, something has happened to me. Ever since I discovered Frogger’s blog, I do not find taste in anything else in this site. Maybe in a couple of other blogs and writing mine, but especially reading Frogger’. I like the way she writes, the humor and, more than anything else, her extraordinary view of the world. I do not enjoy checking “who is on-line” anymore (perhaps because I live in WI? just kidding, please!). Not even the fake profiles with unbelievable women, not even those interesting people touching themselves or having sex on cam (No offense intended: I cannot trow the first stone...). Nothing compares to well written blogs, really.

Something else happened yesterday. I sent my maybe 10th message to a person who looked nice nearby. But this time, absolutely out of the blue, she answered my message. What was different this time, I asked? Absolutely nothing. I had been respectful before. She just told me she receives thousands of messages from total idiots (sic). So maybe we should not get upset with women who do not answer us, but with those men who have given all of us such a bad wrap. Even though I am in a “down” period (hormones or not) I would have met this young woman because she was nice, a good person, and as hot as I would be in an “up” period of my life. Maybe because being “down” makes me a better person, and a more patient and considerate future lover, I have no problem nurturing the relationship. Sometimes, you have to admit it, sex (in the trees) does not let us see the forest.

I also got another message. Thanks to my blog, I received the unsolicited visit to my profile of a gorgeous woman, and a gold-member at that. Sad to say, it does not happen often. She did not leave a message. So I sent her the nicest of messages to nicely complain that she hadn’t said anything. I did get a message the next day, quite polite also, telling me I may have fulfilled the requirements I claimed to fulfill. However, she went on, I was more than 15-20 minutes away from her, and that was a “sin equanom” (excuse my Latin). I replied again expressing my sadness that only another 20 minutes kept me from her and her wonderful personality (and her other seemingly wonderful attributes). A man would not be stopped by 20 extra minutes. So, in the end, we are different.

If only one person, man or woman, posts a comment asking me to continue writing, I will do so. I hope you don’t disappoint me. This is fun, but at least I need one reader.

Frogger always closes her posts with “Things to be happy about”. Can I do the same?

1.Frogger existence on this age, time and space
2.Frogger’s next post
3.The intermezzo of Cavalleria Rusticana (I would send it to anybody who asks for it)
4.Tequila, and if possible Centenario Añejo
5.The Godfather Saga (yes, even the third one)
6.Los Cabos, México.


frogger1995 39F

10/23/2005 8:05 pm

We can all use a little more happiness in this world. By all means steal away...especially if it is a compliment to yours truly {=}

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