"I am a woman and I want to explain my first anal exprience..."  

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10/24/2005 7:34 pm

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"I am a woman and I want to explain my first anal exprience..."

I wrote this post at 10 PM and it is almost 2 in the morning and I am still trying to figure out why it is being censored...

Sorry for the title to this post, but I had to find some way to get people to visit my blog. I really want to talk about something else.

Statistically, it should have happened already, don’t you think? I was in the gym today and I decided to run for a full hour. Since my hormones are in a “down” period, I don’t spend any energies on sexual activities. Therefore, I have to find other energy-burning activities. I am not into body building, but I enjoy running, and I do it five times a week, half an hour each time.

There was a nice woman running next to me. I glanced at her once in a while, enjoying her increasing beauty: the more the sweat and the effort, the prettier she was. White women are not my main choice (in other words, I like them less than Black or Hispanic). With the running, her face was getting some more color, that might be the explanation of why she looked prettier with the passing of the minutes. At some point I stopped glancing at her because I thought she would think to herself, “see, another man looking at me” and I want to be original in this life (plus we men have to do something to recover some sense of common pride that our attitude on sites like this one are taking away). So I had to think of something else to distract me from the effort and the young woman.

My mind drifted to AdultFriendFinders and I thought of something that should have happened already: You are browsing through the profiles and you see the picture of someone you know… It would be such a thrilling experience. I wish it would happen at least once, since I think that would give me material to write like five or six posts. But it never happened. I wonder why?

For one thing, I am a man and I -mainly- browse women looking for men (I say mainly because, like Frogger, sometimes I also check on the competition). As we all know well by now, 80 per cent of the women looking for men are fakes. At least, while running, I thought this was a plausible explanation. It may also mean that my circles of friends are people much more honorable than myself, and they would never spend time in a site like this [is this why i am being censored?]. It may also mean that the people I know do not post pictures.

I admire those of you with enough courage to post real pictures of yourselves. Even if they don't include the face. And then, like in the last five days, I thought of my admired Frogger. I wondered whether she would be afraid if one of her young students would recognize her. Maybe it did happen already. Maybe she would enjoy it. I am not sure.

I have decided that I will post a picture in my profile. I do not have the courage to post my face, but maybe I could post any part of my body. Maybe my rear (I had another word there, but i am being censored and I am trying to see if that word was the problem). I don’t think I would post my penis, as many people seem to opt for. (in the end, it seems I did). Yes, you don't have to worry that anybody would recognize you ‒unless your penis is quite more unusual than an average one. Here, you never know.

AdultFriendFinder administrators: It would help to know what the problem is that keeps me up so late at night.


Things to be happy about:

1. A movie: The Shawshank Redemption, one of the best I have ever seen.
2. Another movie: Crash, about race and relationships in L.A.
3. A book: The Shadow of the Wind by Zafón. A novel that all lovers of books will enjoy. Frogger, I would send it to you if I knew where to do so.
4. Frogger's next post

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