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7/2/2006 7:13 pm

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Oh the secrets I behold

Let your imagination run

Just like a child

In the sun

Screaming with laughter and fun

Secrets inside

Which I hide

From you

You will never see

The real me

But see as deep

As the eye can see inside of me

It's a masquerade, baby

Put on your mask

Cover up your feelings

Cover up your long lost past

Its a ball room dance with a twist

Going faster and faster

Spinning in circles

Taking you along for the ride

The dizzier you become

The more you feel like falling down

You drown your thoughts

With a drink

A truth serum, if you please

All is spilled

All eyes are on you

Staring blankly into the crowd

You start to bow

To your knees you go

Your mask is pulled off

You have been revealed

Here the show ends

Life is now for real.

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