What I think of, when you are gone...  

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2/14/2006 8:01 am

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What I think of, when you are gone...

She sat in a motel room waiting for him. Unknown to her he was late on purpose to give her a little time to think about what she was in for. She sat on chair in the corner of the room wondering where he was. Her mind started to wander and she started thinking about what they had said they were going to do to each other. The thought of her on all fours with him behind her with his cock deep inside her, was more than she could bear. She could feel her face get flush and she started to ache and moisten at the thought of him inside her.
She was wearing a black dress with ties at her sides with black stockings, bra, panties and high heels. She spread her legs apart and started rubbing her clit though her panties and playing with her nipples. She felt how warm and wet her panties were getting when there was a knock at the door. She rose from the chair and straightened out her dress and went to the door and opened it.
He entered the room and grabbed her wrists and pinned her against the wall gently leaning into her. He could feel how hot she was through the clothes and she could feel his cock harden as he looked into her eyes. He leans over and whispers in her ear that he has been thinking about this moment all day. He brings his face around in front of hers and brushes his lips over hers and continues down to her neck where he starts to kiss and lick her. He then steps back and says he wants to have a good look at her and turns her around to face the wall. Her whole body is against the wall while he holds her arms spread out and above her head.

His whole body is against hers and she can feel is cock between the cheeks of her ass and his hot breath on the back of her neck. He takes a step back still holding her arms against the wall to admire her. She pushes her ass back until it is right against his rock hard cock and starts to grind it into his pelvis. As she grinds into him he can feel her ass clench as if it was trying to guide him into her. He lets go of her arms and starts to run his hands down to her shoulders then around to her breasts and then down to her hips. He then turns her around and kisses her deeply while running his hands all over her body.
As they are kissing she feels him undo the tie on her dress and open it. She feels shock waves as his hands touch her bare skin and slides her dress off and to the floor. As he takes her bra off, he kisses her breasts and licks and sucks her nipples. She feels him slide his right hand down her body and runs his fingers over the front of her panties. He starts to rub her clit through the fabric and then pulls the panties off and drops them to the floor. She is standing in front of him only wearing her stockings and high heels.

She leads him over to the bed and sits him down on the side, slips her shoes off and kneels behind him on the bed. He can feel her hard nipples on his back as she rubs her body on him. She starts to rub his shoulders and then down his arms to the front of his shirt where she starts to unbutton it as she nibbles on his neck and ears. He can feel her hot breath and tongue on his neck and ear while she tells him how badly she wants him.
As she opens his shirt she starts to rub his chest and works her way down to his cock. She rubs it through the fabric of his pants and then unbuckles his belt and opens his pants. She then moves back on the bed and lays him down and then moves back up so she is right above his face. She then leans forward and pushes his pants and briefs all the way off to reveal his erect cock. As she starts to lick the shaft and head of his cock she lowers herself into his face and starts to grind it into his hungry mouth. He sucks and licks her clit and then sticks his tongue as deep in her as he can.
He can feel her start to wrap her lips around his cock and slide them up and down his shaft taking his entire length down her throat. As he is eating her hot wet pussy he reaches around and spreads her ass cheeks apart and starts to finger her. When she feels his finger in her, it is enough to push her over the edge and she cums all over his face. As she cums he can feel her tighten up and grab his tongue.

He guides her off of him and stands her up in front of the chair in the corner and bends her over so that she is leaning on the arms of the chair and grabs a hold of her hips. She can feel the head of his cock part her and then he pulls it out and then puts it part of the way in again and pulls it out. Her body is quivering because she wants so much for him to ram his cock all the way into her hot wet pussy. He takes his left hand off her hip and runs it up her spine to her hair where he grabs a big handful, pulls her head back and without any warning he thrusts his cock deep inside. She lets out a scream and then starts pushing her ass back trying to get him as deep as she can in her.
As he is pounding into her she cums again and he can feel her grab his cock and bring it deeper inside her. He can't wait any longer and grabs a hold of both her hips and arches his back and rams as far into her as he can. She feels his cock swell and then the hot fluid fill deep inside her.
As he pulls his cock out she can feel some of his hot cum ooze from inside her and down onto her clit. She tells him to stay on the bed and she goes and sits down on the chair in the corner and spreads her legs apart on the arms of the chair. He can see his cum oozing out of her when she reaches down and dips her fingers into her pussy and then brings them up and licks them clean. She then starts to finger her pussy and pinch her nipples while he lies on the bed and watches her. After a few minutes she sees that his cock is rock hard from watching her pleasure herself.

He walks over to the chair and stands in front of her. She leans over and starts to suck on his balls and then starts to suck his cock. She has his cock nice and wet with saliva when he kneels down in front of the chair and leans her back into the chair. She can feel the pressure of the head of his cock on her as he slides it all the way in with one thrust.
As he is fucks her, he massages her clit with one hand and plays with her nipples with the other fingers.
He then grabs a hold of her and leans back and lies on the floor with her straddling his cock. He tells her to fuck him till he cums. She starts to slide up and down the shaft of his cock pausing when she was all the way down on it. She can feel the tension boiling up inside both of them and starts bouncing faster and faster up and down on his cock. He can feel her muscles tightening on his cock as if to milk it of every drop of cum. He could feel her cum dripping out of her onto him as she orgasms and he shot another load of cum into her. She collapses on top of him after her orgasm and just lays her head on his chest as it heaves up and down from their activities. As she lies there, she is thinking that she hasn't had a chance to …………………………

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