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1/10/2006 6:28 am

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Suicidal or not.
Always a battle,
A fight to be fought.

To cut away the pain,
Is my saving grace.
Love lies in a pool,
As serenity finds a place.

As each drop falls,
Another will take form.
My souls steam is released,
Cold floor, life’s blood so warm.

Waiting for final peace,
I sit so still.
This time I will succeed,
For this is my will.

Closing my eyes,
Life’s pendulum swings.
To leave this place,
On angel’s wings.

Now my eyes open,
My death a fake.
This was only a dream,
For dreaming sake.

You say I have issues,
No, just a morbid thought.
Writing is a release for me,
Relief is what is sought.

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