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true story.....enjoy

After a busy day at work, we decided to have a “few” at the local bar. Like most people, we plan to have just couple, but of course as the night goes on so do the drinks. We had hammered our share and thought, what the hell, we don’t
have to in to the office tomorrow. We ended up closing the bar. Good thing for us, it was just a short walk to my apartment.

When we went inside, I barely got the door shut before he was taking me into his grasp. It was sudden, but oh so very welcomed. We kissed and groped each other at the door for the longest time. I asked him to come into the living room
have a seat. I decided to do the typical change into something easier to get into. I knew I wanted him and that there was no doubt that he wanted the same. I grabbed his face and gave
him a kiss that would be certain to maintain his interest.

I continued up stairs to change, but before I was half way up he was behind me. He raced ahead of me by a few steps to impede me going past him. I tried to pass him, but he stopped me.
He firmly grabbed the back of my neck and brought me to him. He kissed me long and hard and would not let me stop. Just as soon as it started, he stopped and told me to go ahead.

Oh I was so ready for him. I did not think I could wait any longer. I continued to my room to change. I entered my room and decided to leave the lights dim, after all I just needed to change
my clothes. As I removed my clothing I realized just how excited I was. As I pulled my top over my head, I felt his hands come from behind me. I did not even know he was there, but I wanted his hands on me, touching me. He was holding my breast, kissing my neck, my ears, as the hair stood up on my arms. I turned to kiss him and he would not let me.

So, the game tonight is to tease? This I can do too. I removed his hands from my body and started to walk away from him. As I walked away, I heard him taking off his belt. This was the first time the sound of a belt coming out of the loops
was sexually stimulating. I continued across the room aware that he was approaching me. He once again came up to me and pulled me to the floor with him.

The game was to tease, so I refused to kiss him and tried to roll away from him. As I got on my stomach He grabbed my hands, and held them over my head. He started kissing me again while
he pinned me down with my hands still over my head. Abruptly, he rolled me back over to my stomach and wrapped his belt tightly around my wrist. I started to resist which seemed
to excite him even more. After I was bound, he stood up and pulled me across the floor by the belt and lifted the bed and hooked the belt under the foot. When he put the bed back down, I was going no where. I was surprised that I was so excited by the helplessness I felt.
He continued to undress me, but seemed to be loosing interest unless I put up a little resistance. Now I know where this night is going. The more I struggled, the more we both were
getting excited.

He undressed as well and stood there admiring my dilemma. The longer he was away from me the more I wanted his touch. He came to his hands and knees and hovered over me. He would lean down and kiss my shoulders, my neck, my back and each
time a shiver of delight would come over me. He seemed to notice my pleasure, and decided that a blindfold would be needed. Now bound and blindfolded, all I could do is sense
his presence. I knew he was close to me by the breath on my skin, and each time he touched me, it was like an electric shock. He would kiss me, run his tongue over my entire body, and occasionally give me a little bite.

It is true that when you inhibit one sense, the others are more in tuned. As he touched me in my most intimate places, I found that I just could not get enough. He kept at me with his mouth and hands till I was ready to scream, and then just
when I thought I would release, he grabs me by the waist and raises me to him.

He came at me from behind with such intensity. He would bring us so close, then slow down till the moment would start to subside, then bring us to the brink again. He continued this while his fingers dug into my skin, and he still kept
giving me little bites on my back. The pain was not intense, but it added to a pleasure I never knew.

I so wanted to be free to share in this event, but when I asked, this excited him even more. He told me to be a good girl and ask nicely, when that did not work he wanted me to plead,
even beg a little. The more I asked the harder his thrusts became and the more I wanted.

Now he was giving me pain, but the pain was so pleasing. I wanted him more and more and he knew this, and gave me the most intense orgasm. I could not stop shaking. His release
was just as powerful, and he collapsed into me. We lay there for a moment before he untied me and remove the blindfold. As I was finally free, I rolled over to look at his face, and
immediately needed to make slow and passionate love to this man.

We continued to make love till the morning light came through the windows. After a much needed “nap”, I awoke to find that he had left while I slept. All I could do is smile as I seen
his belt hanging from my bed post with a note attached that said “8 pm!” Good, I thought to my self, it will be my turn to repay the favor.

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grins - welcome to my world


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Don't you just love the pleasure that a little pain can give. Oh... and blindoflds and bindings.... long may you enjoy.

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