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3/12/2006 8:29 am

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I have often heard that in the presence of young children, an otherwise reserved adult can brought down to the basic levels of immaturity....Well.....

Believe it!!!!

Thursday night, as I set with my 2 kids and my 3 nieces, we statred making animal noises...those noises lead to acting like animals..

Now , it is often adorable to watch a child parade around like their favorite animal. It reminds you of your own youth.

In order to embrace the hidden youth, I decided to play along with the kids. Hell, after all, I can do a phenominal orangatang.

I proceeded to show the kids...I jumped,,,,I howled,,,even had the arms swing over my head. I was a showman extrodinaire!!!

I had the kids laughing so hard, that they had to see it again. Far be it for me to deny them of my masterful rendition.

On the second trip around the living room, I felt a SNAP! Actually what I felt was my knee bending to the side, followed by bending backwards.

As at the end of every great performance the curtains are drawn and the stage goes does a living room when you pass out from pain.

The next thing I remember is me, lying on the floor, screaming and not knowing how to stop. Even the look of horror on the kids face could not stop me from expressing the pain I was in.

I was reduced to speaking in tongues and cursing uncontrollably. That made the kids laugh too. No one knew what had happened, and they though I was just playing...

So after rolling around, screaming and crying, I sat up to examine the damage. OK, I passed out again right away.

I no longer had a knee cap...I am sure I had it when I got to my sister-in-laws...right? In fact the more I looked, I was missing an ankle bone too!!!

WTF??? I am sure traveled with all my parts???

So my leg is finally straightened out...and lo and behold...I lost all the feeling to my toes...passed out again....

This time I came to...I no longer had any feeling from mid thigh down...what to do...what to do...

OH YEAH!!!! 911!!! Duh!!!

Off to hospital I go....I have dislocated my knee joint, ok I put it back in when I straightened my leg, but all of the ligaments have been stressed, sprained, and torn!!!

I am now in a brace from thigh to calf, crutches, and am probably going to need surgery,,,when the swelling goes away....

Now the moral to this long story is....

No monkeying around with kids!!!!

I have no mobility, but at least I still have a sense of humour...

crazygurl2xx 56F

3/12/2006 6:15 pm

Ah geez... hope you get up and about soon!

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