A doll with no name  

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3/29/2006 3:45 pm

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A doll with no name

Cold, ashamed
a doll with no name.
Neglected, used,
torn and abused.

Pieced together, one by one,
stitches unravel, careless, undone.
Now she’s broken once again,
replaced with the newer, and worthless to mend.
this little dolly, abandoned, alone,
now stripped of the things
she once would have known,

she sits by herself, she cant event cry,
she forgot how to laugh and she doesn’t know why.
She begs for someone to hold her again,
to make her feel like she did way back when.
But every one holds her with such disregard.
They scoff at her smile, the scoff at her scars.

They tease all her stitches, the make fun of her hair,
they call her a freak, and leave her in despair.

She tries to be strong, but she can’t take the pain, she ruined and hurt,
a doll with no name...

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