Rants by the Rhythmically INSANE!  

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9/14/2005 9:02 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

Rants by the Rhythmically INSANE!

Tedium is never a friend, and your blanket is warm to the cold night. Her name isn't important, but what didn't happen seems to plague on the mind. A second passes, and a moment is kept in clenched fists.

The warmth of a bowl of soup is all the comfort one needs, 6 second abs gurantees the lose of inches. A tuna will replace a dolphin, the sun will replace the moon. We will call Mars home.

Again, what didn't happen, shoulda, coulda, oh fuck it. Her name isn't important, her image is what is important. I know when I am in my bed many years from now, immobile and wasted, I will see her face.

The sublty of one night, the movements we made, the jabber that feel from our lips. I will remember all of those, but not her name.

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