More Clues for the Adult FriendFinder Holiday Treasure Hunt Contest  

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More Clues for the Adult FriendFinder Holiday Treasure Hunt Contest

Here’s the second set of clues our AdultFriendFinder Holiday Treasure Hunt Contest. The "treasure," of course, is a list of 25 photos posted in the AdultFriendFinder blogs by members like you -- or maybe even you! Your goal, based on the clues and descriptions, is to discover 1) the Handles of the members who posted the contest photos, 2) the titles of the specific posts where the photos are displayed. Email your answers along with your Handle to [post 642317] in our first post with the initial descriptions of the photos and hints to help you find them.

For anyone still having trouble finding all 25 of our blog photo treasures, here's the next round of clues:

1. Heart Shaped Chocolate Candies
Clue: What would Kylie say about Chocolate?
2nd Clue: Chasing down V Day goodies? Don't feel blue-the sweetest treats come from a traditional heart.

2. Dildo
Clue: If she was a Peter Gabriel fan, "Come Talk To Me" would've called her post "Here Comes the Flood."
2nd Clue: Want to get wet and wild? How about now!? There's a three letter word that comes before "___Talk2Me3" that will point you in the direction of this blogger.

3. Queen's Freddie Mercury
Clue: Has it really been so many yearz since Freddie died?
2nd Clue: One of the true Queenz of rock, you'll find this blogger's post about Freddy if you know the number of yearz since his death.

4. Gingerbread Blowjob Cookie
Clue: Made with that special ingredient: Love.
2nd Clue: This blogger's handle is another word for your smallest _finger_ . Check out her blog for a recipe that guarantees great Gingerhead.

5. Audrey Hepburn
Clue: Breakfast at Tiffany's always was a safe 'n sane hot date.
2nd Clue: This 47 year old male blogger from Oceanside, California puts his butt first. And why shouldn't he? This man's got a special exercize for all of his hot dates.

6. Trinity in The Matrix
Clue: How far down the rabbit-hole can you go to-day?
2nd Clue: This Arizona "_____bunny" is a real doll. Your childhood toys may not have been anatomically correct, but she certainly is. You won't find her blog "Yester-Day" or "Tomorrow," but you might if you look ______.

7. South Park Characters
Clue: Eric Cartman's words to live by: "It's all a bunch of cozmic tree-hugging hippie crap."
2nd Clue: If you think the boys from South Park are little devils, you'll want to check out "cozmic_____", because we hear he's just the opposite. And though he may not have real wings, he certainly has some words for the careful reader.

8. White Christmas
Clue: The Greeks don't get a lot of White Christmases.
2nd Clue: I'm dreaming of a...well, let's be honest here: I'll take a beautiful girl over cold snow any holiday. So do me a favor and track down this "_____girl07". Start with alpha and on through omega-you'll find her there.

9. Christmas Tree on red background
Clue: ...the goose is getting fat; shy is the vixen in the old man's hat.
2nd Clue: She may be "shy_____1962", but this blogger's got one of Santa's naughtiest reindeers in her handle. To find this post, you'll need to think Xmas orgasms.

10. Christmas Wreath
Clue: Where is the Flimflam Man?
2nd Clue: What's that Scrooge? You say this female blogger's got an 8 letter word for "humbug" or "nonsense" in her handle? Put those 8 letters before the year Kwanzaa was first celebrated, and you'll find what's MISSING.

11. Vibrator
Clue: Simply. The best. Playlist. EVER.
2nd Clue: If you can find the "simplysexy" blogger behind this iPod toy, you'll be feeling all the right vibes...

12. Rudolph
Clue: On the night before Navidad, dreams and thoughts of sugar plums dance through our heads.
2nd Clue: Sometimes love needs no translation, but in order to find this blogger's post, you'll have to read a little "Christmas Story" in the most popular romance language in the world.

13. Snowman
Clue: Tracy Takes On: Making the Best of Christmas.
2nd Clue: To track down this snowman before it melts, you'll need to find the first word of this blogger's handle. Just put a famous cartoon detective (or a Morgan or McGrady) in front of "_de_lacy" and you're all set to make the best of it.

14. Santa Claus
Clue: Santa's a country boy at heart.
2nd Clue: Santa suffers from premature ejaculation?!?! At least this is what we hear from blogger "_______heart_71" . You'll have to figure out what kind of heart she has, but if the saying is true, we can take it out of her, but she'll never leave it.

15. Homer Simpson
Clue: Random quote: "D'OH!"
2nd Clue: "Arbitrary Estimate!" You'll have to figure out the synonyms are to find this blogger's post. She's a poetic one, so start here:
Violets are blue
And "___robin012057" is... ... ...

16. Sleeping Santa
Clue: Need an answer? "Boop-oop-a-doop."
2nd Clue: Oh bettyboop, we love you for your butt, your brains, and of course your.... Put that together for this blogger's handle. Then think Aviation International News...

17. Reindeer Lights
Clue: Fake reindeer? That's an easy opportunity for Christmas-related mischief.
2nd Clue: This "________Sprite" likes to play holiday tricks-Merry Mistletoe Mishaps! And we don't think her blogs are "just wrong" at all.

18. Rene Descartes
Clue: He thought, therefore you are.
2nd Clue: Incognito, wither go sum?

19. Swiss army knife dildo tool
Clue: It's the all-purpose tool. It even has a "neutral" setting.
2nd Clue: This nonaligned nation of neutrals has a thing for knives. And they're quite fondue their pussies, too.

20. Yoda
Clue: An intense city Tallahassee is, for a fictional story.
2nd Clue: Intensity for whom? Oh darling, I'd write a novel for U.

21. Russell Crowe
Clue: Throw all the phones you want, bloke. Your aim is cockeyed.
2nd Clue: Is that a cock in your eye? Is it half full or half empty? The Big WHY is whether or not you're an optimist.

22. Santa Claus on a plane
Clue: You'd think he'd avoid planes, considering.
2nd Clue: Do you think Santa is Considering a Bi-plane 2? Let's hope so, for the sake of everybody.

23. Cupid
Clue: Hey, Cupid... what's the range on that thing? 3000 miles?
2nd Clue: Cupid attacked from afar. A long distance relationship with an expat, oh no!

24. An Onion
Clue: Smells like... the people next door.
2nd Clue: Smells like an onion, or maybe something like paprika.

25. Catch 22
Clue: Blossoms.
2nd Clue: "Good as Gold" author's famous book. You might look to a (flower)gal to help you out-she loves plumeria.

(Special tip for those new to blogging: make use of the search tool on the blog main page.)

Some members are getting close as the contest gets down to the wire!

The correct answers for this contest will be posted after the contest is over.

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Cozy_Red 49F

12/29/2006 3:26 pm

This would drive me nuts if I were seriously looking...I may give it one more shot!

007sexy40plus 49F  
7602 posts
12/29/2006 3:02 pm

Question... When we email these answers, are we told the ones that we may have incorrect to have a chance to search for the correct ones? Or is that final. However I have found several post from different members containing photos that may depict the answer.

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

events replies on 12/29/2006 7:15 pm:
You will not get a response to tell you which answer is correct and which one is not. However the answers will be given at the end of the contest. The two clues for each photo has been provided so you can narrow which post pertains to which photos.

MyHeartLost4U 50M
2230 posts
12/29/2006 9:03 am

Last Question:

May we copy and paste the Blogger Handle, Title of the Blog and Title of Topic posting at the top of the Blog page when submitting our entry?

Example: Blogs > events > Blog contests! > More Clues for the AdultFriendFinder Holiday Treasure Hunt Contest

events replies on 12/29/2006 10:00 am:
Yes that is more than acceptable as it makes it easier on you to submit your entries and me to read the answers Good question!


MyHeartLost4U 50M
2230 posts
12/28/2006 9:53 pm

Thanks for the additional clues. Like Pinkie, I too have found a few interesting Bloggers that I have added to my watch list

_pinkie_ 54F
5201 posts
12/28/2006 9:01 pm

I've read so many blogs this week my head is spinnin!
But - I've added at least 35 more blogs to my watch list. There are some talented writers on here that I wouldn't have found if it hadn't been for this contest.


Lookin at the pictures is fun too....

Welp, back to the hunt!

events replies on 12/29/2006 9:59 am:
That was the point to this contest _pinkie_! There was also hopes that we could get many more members of this site educated on what the blogs were and how fun they can be. I am really glad that you are having fun with this contest!


007sexy40plus 49F  
7602 posts
12/28/2006 5:52 pm

Thanks for the secondary clues. This is fun!!!!... Wish me luck!!

I am the real deal! "Come Get Me!!!"

events replies on 12/29/2006 10:03 am:
I am wishing everyone luck 007sexy40plus

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