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Welcome to our blog - this is our way of documenting what is going on with us and how we are progressing in working things out.

Lets start with the first time he cheated on me - last year he started chasing after other females and after her older sister turned him down he ended up screwing around with a 16 year old skank (town opinion not just mine - I asked around about her - hell even her own family thinks she's nasty - she did after all f*ck her sisters boyfriend) who was having a "who can f*ck the most guys" contest with her friend. He's 23 and M made it onto her list. I let it go - Big Mistake. This year he started chasing after her and her older sister again. When her older sister turned him down yet again he ended up screwing around with her again - she's now 17 and soon to be 18 sometime this month. He claims that her parents Made him date her - said that they told him that if he didn't date her then he would have to suffer the consequences after they caught her riding away on his dick while he was drunk (they apparently didn't catch them the first time she climbed aboard his drunken dick the night before) and that I could have stopped this by simply going over there with him to hang out - lovely cop-out right. What he didn't know was that she was running game on him. Telling everyone that he wouldn't leave her alone and that she wanted his a*s kicked and him gone but telling him something different. She also started bragging that she had him wrapped around her finger and that he was so stupid he would believe anything she said and do anything she wanted him to. She also said that she was only f*cking him because he was convienient, because when her parents found out about the f*ck contest she and her friend were having (they found her f*ck list - with over 30 names on it - all in all she's been with over 60 guys) they put her on lock down and she was desperate for dick and his was all she could get (which she dissed to everyone - saying she'd had bigger and better dicks and that he was not goodlooking in the least and was an awful lay but she was desperate.) She was also still dating another guy who she had try to start a fight with M while saying that I sent the guy even though I don't know him or any of her friends. So for over two months she had her friends harassing me, threatening me, and had someone try to and nearly succeed in sexually assaulting me - my filing a report with the police seems to have made her decide to back off her violent little game of "I want what I want and I'll do anything to get it." When I informed M as to what was going on he called me a liar. Then on the first of August he texted me telling me that she and he had broken up because she finally admitted to him she had sabataged the internet service and the computers in the house over there so that he couldn't talk to me and that she still had her original boyfriend and had only been using him because he was convienient. He asked me if I was still willing to work things out. I said yes but that we would talk about things first and work through them before deciding anything - two days later she changed her story and told him that her sister and her step-mother Made her say and do those things and he jumped on the "I don't know who or what I want fence." yeah thats a reeeeeal hard decision to make right, "Hmmmm... do I want the underage skank who f*cks anything that walks by her or do I want the one who has stood by me through all this even after the hell I put her through." tough choice there - Not - after over two weeks of him sitting on the fence I quit, told him that there was no he and I and I started moving on. Then he suddenly decided what he wanted - which was for he and I to get married and he came between me and the guy that I was and am totally in love with which broke my heart because I really, really love the guy and always will. After so much interference the guy gave up and bailed I pretty well snapped emotionally. As a way of lashing out I have come up with an idea - though it's not really something I prefer and have never done as I am extremely loyal (I've only been with 5 people in my enire life and I was married to two of them - though if you think counts as being with someone then the total would be 6, trust me it is not a pleasant way to be introduced to sex.) So my idea was a bank - I get a bank of one full weeks worth of sex time to sleep with whomever I choose - male, female it doesn't matter, whenever and wherever I feel like using it. If I feel like having sex 50 times in 24hrs then I can and it only counts as One day and there are no limits on the number of people in the 24hrs either. Or I can leave the state for two months but for some reason he seems to prefer that I take the bank (talk about f*cked up aye) apparently he has this fear that I won't come back to Oklahoma, so I'd get this bank with no penalties or repercussions of any kind due to the absoulute hell I was put through for over two months due to his lying, his cheating, and her fucked up games, plus the entire last year and a half of lying to me that he did. I've forwarned that if he cheats or lies to me in any way shape or form again then he'll hit the curb along with the rest of the trash.

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