WoW! Where'd the time go?  

euthenicist 61M
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7/8/2006 2:50 pm
WoW! Where'd the time go?

Geez! Here it is, July already. I know I was busy with work, and not all of that was fun. Since my last post, I've been to St Paul (twice), Bethel, spent an extended time in Anchorage, and have been pressing on merrily over in Valdez since mid-March. For the most part, I kept my nose dutifully press to the grindstone...making progress more days than not on the projects I have elected to undertake.

My one and only New Years' resolution is still intact...that is not to fly off the handle regardless of the situation. I'm not saying there weren't any situations that didn't push the limit on my resolve, but I have had my fill of dealing with those whose whole purpose on this planet seems to be to leave it in far worse shape than they found it. There are more of them than there are of me, so I picked my fights instead of tilting at every windmill in my sight. The results have been mixed.. some good, some where I just reconciled myself to let it go. My own baggage cart is full.

I have instead been busy with my quest to leave this world a better place. Don't worry... I have no plans to leave it anytime soon. The projects I completed have been well received, and after my curtain calls, I took my leave to pursue the next item on my personal agenda. Never leave them wanting something less.

In the meantime, during my extended stay in Anchorage, I didn't take advantage of any of the M&Gs at the LF. Would have been nice to say hello in person to some of my AdultFriendFinder compadres after chatting with them for so long. I think we'd see that we were as fun and funny in person as we are in the chatroom. Maybe next time.

Work in Valdez has kept me busy, but it has been a lot of fun. There are a couple of people here on the job that make all worthwhile, but I have done little socially, outside of work.

Still no physical fun on the side, but my thoughts and fancies have been well provisioned in the fantasy realm. I know I won't ever get to act the fantasies out, but that's alright. They were just dandy in my mind. And something inside me tells me that should the occasion to act one or more of them out ever came to pass, it will more than likely exceed the dreams.

Hopefully, my next entry here won't be so far from this one. In the meantime, Be Well!


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