Wasted Days and Wasted Nights  

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9/19/2005 4:20 am

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Wasted Days and Wasted Nights

It's not a Freddy Fender song I'm singing.. it's a situation I have to put up with. I travel extensively, and never get to stay in one place for very long. That is not always bad, as for the most part, it makes my life interesting. But it sucks not having a social life, or more precisely, not having the ability to have a social life. I'm not looking to get laid every night, or even more regularly than I am now. I'm looking for people to be friends with, to watch movies or TV with, to have lunch or dinner with, to do "friend" things with, like go for walks. One would think that even in leaving the sex out, it would increase responses, but it doesn't seems to matter one way or the other.

In many locations, there just aren't many people to socialize with. In many locations across Alaska, even saying "Hello" to a female is usually responded to by a glaring "What do you mean by that?", or the appearance of some sort of significant other who wants to introduce his knuckles to my face. The sad part about it is that in many cases, the lady involved would probably love to dump the Neanderthal she's been stuck with, even for a little while, but he's been too successful in chasing outsiders away, and may not be nice enough to go back to afterwards anyway, and she may not want to go through all that.

And for those otherwise unconnected, brave enough souls that use contact services, like AdultFriendFinder or Yahoo, to find a friend (much less a lover), the results often cost more in the long run afterwards, because the Cro-Magnons who may have been bypassed will make the lady's life impossible because they were not considered in the first place, or on second thought.

I endeavor to treat everyone with civility and decency, which starts to earn respect for all concerned. I believe this to be a win-win situation. What chaps my butt are the guys who run around, grabbing their crotches and bellowing "Yo, bitch -- air on One!" that end up getting the girls. Some days, I have little hope for this species.

Could be I'm just tired. Thus are the thoughts of the day.

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