I know it ain't the full moon  

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10/5/2005 6:22 am

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I know it ain't the full moon

I just finished a set of 3rd shifts. I don't mind them, for while they tend to be busy from one end to the other, it seems as though I get lot more stuff done, even above what's expected at a minimum. This set, I was able to get some extra stuff done, so that made them that much more bearable. I've since gone back to 2nd shifts, which are busy at the beginning, and rag till the end. It's been raining more often than not, and there have been some really goofy people on the road -- so what else is new?

But that isn't the Topic du Jour. After my last 3rd shift, I goofed around until close to noon, when I decided to lay down for a nap. Slept about 6 six hours, got up, had something to eat, then rode back to the office to fnalize the extra project I had been working on. Got that done, and was thinking about just heading back to the house for TV and more sleep. Only when I left, I turned towards a local bar instead.

Now, I have the kind of luck that isn't that bad, but it isn't that good, either. For instance, I had been in bars where some of the more tipsy female patrons would flash the people in the bar. Only I'd never see it, because I'm either looking the wrong way, or I'm in the men's room recycling beer, or otherwise left out of the fun. I can appreciate a nice flash when it happens, and I hope it happens a whole lot more. The law of large numbers would then allow me to catch the sight of nekkid titties or whatever (Thank you.. I don't look at guys. Just not my thing).

I was about to enter another dimension.. a dimension not of sight or sound, but of mind. I unlocked the door with the key of imagination.

I had been in this particular bar a few times before, and let's just say I don't go there for their selections of drinks and beer. My favorite lady mix-mistress was working, and while it had been quiet for a while, and we chatted, a few others came in, and she got busy. There's nothing between us, though if wishing made it so, but I always enjoy her company, and hope she enjoys mine.

Now the full moon hasn't been out.. in fact, the new moon just passed. And she wasn't dressed provacatively, in fact, what she had on was both classy and comfortable.. very nice. It became even nicer when she came over to get ice and mix drinks near where I was sitting. Whenever she leaned over for the ice, her blouse would drift open, showing a nice little white bra, and a delicious little cleavage. It's bad enough that I fantasize about kissing, licking and nibbling all over this lovely lady for hours at a time, but with repeated views of this little bit of heaven, I was starting to wonder what was going on. I don't think she was coming on to me, but I am unmercilessly oblivious to that sort of thing. A couple of the other ladies in the bar pressed up against me a couple times.. and that doesn't happen to me, either. The fact that they had immediately retreated to their male companions indicated that their actions were more of a tease than any serious signal.

But now my friendly lady bartender was busy with several other things, and it was drawing close to closing time. So I finished my beer and hit the road, at least content in the great little show I was privy to see. Fodder for even more fantasies, I guess.

Now the nagging question arises.. was she sending me signs??? I don't know, but I have been looking out for Rod Sterling, reminding me that if she was, I missed it again, and maybe should seek some help in finding the signs. And if she wasn't, then I may need to find something else altogether, a tighter grip on something, or else I'll find myself in the Twilight Zone. (Cue the music).

Thus endeth my thoughts for today.

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