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I had this opportunity a couple of weeks later, I was dropping her off at her home and there he was standing in front of their home. As I pulled into the drive and saw him, my breath caught and heart began racing. His back was to me and I almost gasped out loud at his tanned toned body that was wearing only shorts, long golden blonde hair draped down his back. Reflexive, I ran my fingers through my hair and quickly glanced at my reflection as I bind my friend good bye, not trying to appear that her husband held my complete attention. He quickly glanced back at me then placed a soft kiss on his wife’s lips. I hesitated another moment lost in his gorgeous body before I backed out and headed home. I masturbated and came hard thinking of his strong legs and body above mine, his hands exploring me in every way. Then felt guilty for thinking such of my best friend’s husband and call her to say hi.

I still hadn’t seen his eyes, eyes hold all about a person and in my experiences I’ve learned to look into them to see if a person is bound by sexual habits or desires. But when there is a will, there is a way. And this way opened without my inference. The school that our children attended was having a Halloween Read and Treat party this particular evening and I had called her earlier in day to see if she needed a ride to the school. She said that her husband was taking them. My hands started shaking as her words finished. I nervously said ok and hung up. Anxious thoughts and desires started creeping through my body; I ran back to the bathroom and double checked my make up and hair. Thoughts as to how to get close to him, words that could be said, future doors that may open…OH god, what am I doing? We are talking about my best friend’s husband. I sighed loudly and relaxed myself, what a horrible person I am to think this. I gathered my children in the car and we headed to school, yet no matter how I tried I couldn’t stop thinking about him.
We pulled into the parking lot at what must have been the same time, just unfortunately two parking lanes apart. But as we started walking our paths intercepted and while my children ran up to theirs, I said something to my friend just a little too loud due to my preoccupation with her husband who was walking behind her. She turned to talk to her son and I took my glance at him.

I stared into his deep dark eyes, beautiful eyes and YES, I could see longing and lust consuming him too. Tortured souls we can be, bound up into a life that is so unsatisfying, craving what we are lead to love with our bodies and minds, yet the world looking at us as if because we experience and our bodies long for more, we are different. His eyes briefly caught mine, I had to stop talking, I saw. Now, what ever chemical attraction was awakened upon first sight now became a mental obsession. I had to have time alone with him. We walked around the school, I was a little too quite and when I did talk it was too loud, I took every chance I could to glance into his dark eyes. And a few times I felt they were lighting up as they stared back into mind. My head and body were spinning, I wasn’t sure what affect this man had on me, but I wanted more.
The next week was so difficult; I couldn’t seem to get him off my mind. Thoughts of how to meet him, to get a moment alone fit into every second that wasn’t filled with children, housework, college work and the overwhelming load of day to day living to return in the evening to my husband and how our sex life had turn into a routine to be performed after brushing teeth and before falling asleep. But this night was different. This night her husband came to me in a dream. It was the most erotic and vivid dream of my life. His hand on me in the dream sent shivers up my spine. His voice saying my name in the dream…oh…I woke as waves and waves of orgasm rocked through me. My breathing hard in our darkened bedroom as I tried not to awaken my husband. I did not want to fall back asleep; I wanted to continue the dream. Every inch of my body screaming out for his, every thought wanting to know him.

Days past and this torment of not having him tore at me, my mind racing to think of a way to meet him. Dreams teased me with his pleasure, I couldn’t take this, couldn’t fight this feeling anymore. This Saturday though, things would change. It seemed the normal Saturday, kids running through the house, husband in living room watching football and drinking with his buddies, and I alone keeping an eye on the children. I had had a few drinks and with her husband on my mind I called my friend to chat. I was lonely, bored and saddened with having to restrain my self from freeing my lust and desire for this man, the dreams keeping me in a constant state of sexual arousal. As she answered the phone, I realized that she and I had talked lately. She had spent a lot of time with another friend who was going through a bad period of time and hadn’t had time for me. Maybe it was the few drinks I already had had or the fact that I felt she had turned her back on me for someone that also didn’t work that could spent more time with her, I coped an attitude as she told me she was at this friend’s house again and planned to spend the night. I got hurt and hung up politely.

But then, her words hit me like a bolt of lightning, she was going to spend the night at this friend’s home. I jumped up like I’d been shot. Mind racing. Where was her husband? What excuse could I use? What should I do? Selfishly I didn’t think about her right now. I remembered her in an earlier conversation wanting to borrow a computer program I had, I grabbed it and ran into the living room telling my husband that I was walking to my friend’s home and if he had any problem watching the children. He said no problem, go and have fun. A wicked grin passed my lips as I raced out the door.
Their home wasn’t so great a walk and I almost ran, as I made it up to their door his mother who was visiting opened it. Breathlessly, I asked if my friend was there, she told me no. I told her that my friend wanted this cd for her computer. At this she opened the door further and there he was standing only a few feet from me, dressed only in a white terry cloth towel wrapped around him at his waist. My mouth almost dropped. Hesitantly, I said that his wife wanted this. He didn’t seem embarrassed that he was not dressed, nor did he take the cd from me. Instead without a word and a slight smile he turned to head for their bedroom where their computer was. I followed.
We walked into their bedroom and he closed the door behind us. My heart was pounding as I handed the cd to him and tried to explain what it was for. He let me sit at the computer while I talked. I knew from talks with his wife that he enjoyed his online sex sites and as my eyes scanned his computer screen I could tell he’d been looking at one, even though the site was minimized on the screen. I commented, and then asked him if he visited this particular sex site that I was told of from a friend. He said no, and I brazenly opened his browser and typed the name in. The next hour was incredible. We talked about sex and about turn ons, we looked at his favorites and some of mine. He was sitting behind me and from the corner of my eye while I was looking at the screen, I could see him slide his hand under the towel. This had happened a couple of times during past hour, but this time as I tried to sneak a peek he left himself exposed I couldn’t take my eyes off his large manhood.

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