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8/6/2005 4:35 pm

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My eyes jerked up to meet his, watching me looking at his fully visible cock. He was smiling. I nervously turn back on the seat and stared intently at the computer screen, my heart pounding so much I thought he must surely hear it. Oh my god, this is what I wanted, but…hesitancy clouded my mind. I opened “the door”, he seemed to be responding, but I needed to know more to be confidant before making another move. My breath was short and quick, heart pounding, I could feel my body already excited becoming wetter, mind racing unsure what to do ~ I didn’t want to lead him to something he wasn’t sure of, or only did lost in this moment. He stood up and told me he was going to take a shower and left me there alone, hundreds of thoughts crossed my mind. My body was so tense, so hungry for him, his body.. his hands.. his sex. Within a few minutes he returned dressed now in shorts, I didn’t turn around as he walked behind me. I held my breath waiting. Then I felt his hands on the back of my neck rubbing my shoulders, my breath rushed out of me. Every nerve in my body on edge relaxed as his touch sent shivers through my body. All the pent up passion from the past few months gushed through me as my body took over and responded to his hands. I turned around in the chair still sitting, face height with his cock. I couldn’t control myself anymore, lust and desire consumed me, I, to his obvious surprise, unzipped his shorts and pulled his freshly showered dick out and wrapped my wet full lips around it, sucking it like I was starved for it. My pussy soaked in my own shorts as I hungrily devoured his manhood. Surprised at my uncontrollable lust for him, he shortly filled my mouth with his warm sweet cum. Greedily I sucked every drop and then licked him clean.
He paused momentarily following his orgasm, and then he lifted me out of the chair and unbuttoned my shirt. He took one breast in his hand and the other in his mouth. He sucked my nipple so skillfully I almost came right there, but as my head dropped back onto one of his arms that were wrapped around me I let my body escape into the eroticism of his intoxicating touch, shivers ran from my breasts to my pussy. I felt my mind slowly losing control as he continued to play my body. His other hand slowly brushed down the side of my body, dropping to slip inside my shorts and explore around my clit, my body was on fire, aching for more than just his fingers, yet at the same time the sensual sucking of my breasts combined with the probing of his fingers, it did not take me long to explode into orgasm, gushing juices over his hand. I almost dropped to my knees with the intensity of the orgasm, he grabbed me and held me up, to then pull my shorts off and lay me down on the bed.
He mounted my still quivering body and drove his thick cock inside me and fucked me till I came so many times I lost conscience. Then I would come to for him fucking me more and more. I am not certain how many times he brought my body to orgasm, I do know that we fucked for hours and when I left his home, filled with his cum, I barely was able to walk back home. I almost limped into our house, this very wicked grin on my face, mumbled something to my husband who was now playing Football on Playstation with his friends and I collapsed onto my bed, completely sated and content.

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8/7/2005 6:59 am

Wow. that was so hot! Thanks for an intense orgasm.


8/7/2005 10:17 am

Outrageously delicious! I thought your picture was beautiful, seeing your mind, is all the more. Thanks for the mess in my shorts

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8/9/2005 11:40 am

Well written. And unlike so many stories here, it rings of truth. I'll be looking forward to following your blogging! Mine is [blog superkev2004]


8/14/2005 8:14 pm

Very interesting!!!

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