The touch  

eternal1969 47M
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8/16/2005 11:02 pm

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The touch

Strong, hard, long
Stroking the length of my body
Pressing, exploring, finding
Every sensitive niche and trigger points

Deep breathes, gasp of pleasure
I close my eyes and let it flow
Asleep yet awake
A state of heavenly comatose

It had been a long week. My shoulders felt tensed and I strained my back over the weekend. So I hopped down to my friendly neighbourhood massage outlet for some relief. I had 40 mins of foot reflexology which had me grimacing in pain most of the time. Now the principle was that every part of the human body could be treated with the right acupoints at the soles of the feet. Intestinal, back, liver, heart, blood circulation problems etc can all be diagnosed and treated from pressing he correct acupoints. Where a body part has problems, it will translate into pain when the acupoint is pressed. Taking into consideration the pain I went through, I guess my body is due for a major overhaul. After that, it was another 45 mins of back massage to clear the knots in my shoulder and the strain at my lower back. And boy did I sleep well last night.

On the subject of backrubs, it reminded me of an encounter a couple of months back. I got to know this girl on AdultFriendFinder and we exchanged email contacts. We emailed to each other a few times and found that we shared a common pleasure in having backrubs. Well she was pretty secretive and I didn't really know much about her as she didn't reveal much personal information about herself. Then one night she suddenly rung me up on my mobile phone and told me that she was badly in need of a backrub.

So ok, we arranged to meet and to give each other a backrub. I gave her a description of my car and drove to our meeting point. I picked her up and suggested we get a room somewhere. She suggested instead to drive up to the upper deck of the nearby multi-storey carpark and do it in my car. Now when I get or give backrubs, I place a lot of emphasis on comfort and doing acrobatics in my car wasn't my idea of relaxation. She on the other hand enjoyed the public exposure and the risk of getting caught in the act. So ok, why not, I thought There's always a first.

When we got to the 2nd highest deck, I then took my first real good look at her. She was of medium build, long permed hair and about 1.63m tall. She had the decent "teacher" type of look. I told her she looked like she was in the civil service and she was surprised that was I able to guess correctly. It seemed she was going to be posted overseas the following month.

So her terms were that it was strictly a backrub session and that we don't get sexual. She would rub for me first and then I would return the favour. Ok so I took off my shirt and laid flat on the passenger seat clad in my shorts. She straddled on my back and rubbed my back in slow circular motion. It was nothing to shout about, I have a hard back and I need strong fingers to work it. She was definitely trying but it was just not it. So I diplomately allowed her to play with my back for another 10 mins and then suggested we trade positions.

So she took off her spaghetti strap blouse and her skirt and laid down in her bra and panties. I offered to take her bra off and she agreed so I unhooked it and threw it into the backseat. Hmmmm, she was a B cup but with brown big nipples which were so tempting to be nibbled on. But I respected her terms and focused instead on her back. As I stroked her body, I could tell that she was not really a sports person and that she had a cushy life. Her skin was also silky soft and pleasant to the touch.

I could see she was enjoying it and she teased me as to whether I was moonlighting as a masseur. Now my biggest turn on is seeing my partner get turned on and honestly I was at the verge of losing control. After about 20mins, she turned on her back and asked me to rub her breasts. Ok so I admit I have no idea how breasts are massaged and I could only play with them as I usually do Now she was really turned on and she pulled my head to her bosom and asked me to suck them. At this point, I knew I could never be professional in giving massages as my sexual desires start to get the better of me and all control were flunged out the door.

As I worked her nipples and kissed her, I could see that her panties were looking damp. I peeled them away and slid my fingers in. She was wet and i really meant wet cause I could actually feel my whole hand getting wet. When I told her I love her wetness, she confessed that she gets wet easily. She claimed that she sometimes get even more wet from a mere handshake. Wow

So I played with her clit and licked the rest of her body. I think she came a number of times that night. And along the way she confessed that she was still a virgin and intended to keep it till she was married. I was surprised, very surprised. At that point she really wanted me to make love to her. BUT I can't figure why I never did. It was a mixture of reasons I suppose. Partly I was not prepared to be committed to someone I barely knew and I wasnt carrying any condoms. So anyway, I enjoyed pleasuring her and she enjoyed what I did to her so it was cool. After that we cuddled awhile in my car then I sent her home.

We corresponded via email another 2 times and she wondered if she'll ever regret her decision to remain a virgin. Anyway after that we lost touch. Her yahoo email was cancelled and I never did get her telephone number. But it was a nice memory.

georgina666 36F

8/17/2005 7:40 am

a brief encounter and yet filled with so much thrill and pleasure...and what a lady. you go girl! indeed, bold for a virgin and kudos to you for being able to keep your composure. how must it have been like for you i wonder? to be turned on, tempted and seduced, and yet, choose to keep a dick's distance (not an arm's not bad...i am impressed and amazed!

eternal1969 47M
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8/17/2005 9:15 am

Ya georgina, even at times I am amazed at myself [kicks ownself in backside]

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