Swimming Pool  

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8/8/2005 9:57 am

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Swimming Pool

Was driving along Holland Road today when I passed a cosy apartment block tucked in the shadow of the trees.

I had a friend who used to live here. Just thinking of her brought a rush to me. Afterall, I must accredit her for introducing to me the feeling of excitement and sensuality of exhibitionism.

I knew her from work, she was a sportswoman and had an athletic figure to show for it. She was a C+ cup and was rather well endowed by asian standards. She knew she was ogled by guys and I think she enjoyed that. She would come to work bra-less and lean over at my desk to discuss work when she could have done it sitting in my visitors' chair. She loved wearing semi-translucent skirts and low cut jeans just so to expose her g-strings and thongs.

Back then I was still green. Yes got laid many times by then but mostly very discrete and private affairs in my home or my hostel room. The wildest experience I had then was making out in a car along east coast beach.

That was until this time we had an office gathering at one of the pubs at Holland Village. Everybody else was in a rush to leave after that and I offered to walk her home. We reached her apartment block slightly after midnight and she suggested we chill out at the poolside. We talked and the mood was right and one thing led to another. Soon we were kissing and stroking each other intimately. Suddenly she asked me to fuck her right there and then. Of course my natural instinct was to pull her to her feet and lead her to the shower rooms where we could have some privacy. "No silly lets do it here at the pool", she said. Now that stunned me. Ok so I was a greenhorn then, but you must understand that the entire apartment block overlooked the pool and even though it was 2am, it was still fairly lit up.

But before I could object, she peeled off her clothes and plunged into the pool. She swam around and teased me into joining her. I must admit that at that point I felt totally high, a mixture of sexual arousal, fear of being caught and the shyness of exposing myself to so many people. Like most young guys my age then, the penis rules and next thing, I was naked in the pool with her. The water was cold and it made her nipple hard and sensitive. Her moans were so loud when I sucked and licked them that I was almost sure all the residents of the block would be awakened. It was so exciting that I initially didn't feel the coldness of the water. It was also that night that I learnt that water is not a good lubricating medium. Unlike what I previously saw in porn movies, it is extremely extremely difficult to have sex in the water.So we ended having sex by the poolside, with her moaning so loudly and me cumming inside her. After that we picked up our clothes and walked naked up to her apartment on the 4th floor. It was a funny sight, 2 of us dripping and leaving wet footprints along the way. It was like we had just committed a crime and was leaving a trail of evidence behind.

We made love again another 2 times in her bedroom and then we drifted to sleep exhausted. In the morning, I realized that her bedroom full height windows did not have a shred of curtains or blinds and we were literally exposed to the occupants of the other block barely 10m away. By then I was quite beyond it and we walked around naked in her room, showered, dressed and left for work. I think some of my colleagues may have realized I was wearing the same clothes from the day before but no one really wanted to know the truth. Anyway that was the start of several exciting sexcapades with her.

I guess the times when we break our barriers for the first time will always be etched forever in our memories.

__Huntress__ 55M/58F

8/9/2005 3:48 am

This reminded me of a pool adventure I had in Florida a couple of years ago ... one of the most erotic experiences I've ever had ... thank you for sharing this ... brought back sweet memories for me !

eternal1969 47M
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8/9/2005 9:41 am

Huntress - Yes swimming pools always leaves good memories

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