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7/1/2005 4:02 am

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#1. There are real people out there.
After viewing so many exciting profiles and receiving no responses for so long... I figured that perhaps this site was just a fantasy site with no real interaction. Ok proven wrong.

#2. People posting here are sex-starved and horney AND a minority of S'pore population.
Wrong. I am surprised that most are regular people, open minded yes but not open to casual sex. Hey wait a minute, I'm a regular guy too so why should I be surprised?

#3. Sex is NOT the local language.
Surprisingly, I am finding that people I meet here are very articulate and have very engaging personalities. The main mode of communications is very much the mind and the soul and not so physically. I must say that I haven't had so many fascinating and enriching conversations with total strangers in a long time.

#4. Age is a barrier.
Ok so I lie to myself that I'm still 18 although I don't look that part anymore. But hey its how we feel that counts doesnt it? If we can understand each other and our personality clicks then why let age be a deciding factor? Its not like we are getting married or anything like that..Alright.. I'll admit it, It hurts to be snuffed because of your age And would you believe it ? AdultFriendFinder actually has a "quick reply" template that says "I am looking for someone younger".

#5. I have too much time on my hands after I changed jobs.
My presence and the time to post says it all doesn't it

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