One Night Stands  

eternal1969 47M
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11/30/2005 3:35 am

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3/5/2006 9:27 pm

One Night Stands

I now begin to really fathom the essence and meaning of ONS aka One Night Stands. They really are raw hot deals but never repeated and easily forgotten until the memory gets triggered by other events.

I had lunch with an old friend today and she asked me if I still kept in touch with one of her friends (J) whom she introduced a couple of years ago (5 to be exact). I was surprised she raised it and admitted that we haven't been in contact with each for the same number of years. She was surprised and thought that we would have gotten along well since we both loved clubbing then. I shook my head but memories of J made me smile. I didn't tell my friend the reason for the smile. It was because of things I could not Tell.

What happened was that we were introduced during a meet up at Music Underground. We both enjoyed clubbing, drinking and dancing through the night. After the first time we met she told me to give her a call when I next go clubbing and she'll gladly join me. So of course I did. One week later we met up at newsroom and we had a hell of a time. I can't remember the number of jugs and different types of mixes we had. We danced and then somehow we ended in the dark recess of the platform. When the lights came on, I sent her home. We got a little horny when we got to her door. It was a HDB apartment and the unit was along the staircase. We started kissing and then I started to pull her blouse up to reveal small tight boobs in a strapless bra. She was a sporty person who loved beach volleyball and had a nice tanned body. I also have a weakness for small breasted women especially when it comes packaged in an athletic body. I soon had the bra off and was licking her nipples as if they were heaven. Along the way, I pulled her jeans and panties down to her ankles. Mine was likewise down to the ankles. God.... it was at a public staircase in front of her house door but thankfully it was 4 am and we had no surprise intrusion. But it was awkward to maneuver at the staircase and we sobered up and quickly dressed up. (Except that I stuffed her bra into my pockets). We went down to my car and I drove to the other end of the carpark. After that all inhibition were thrown to the wind, we stripped each other and made out with the doors open. I wasn't expecting to make out with her and ended up having raw sex. Thankfully I was still level headed enough to pull out before reaching orgasm but that didn't spare my front passenger seat. She even came out of my car in all her naked glory and pee-ed on the grass patch next to the car park lot... right in front of the apartment blocks. We cuddled for a while and kissed then she went back home as we were both working the next morning. She asked me to call her again but when I did, there was always a reason she was not free. A few weeks later she admitted that she was worried that she would start to feel too deeply for me and that she wasn't ready for committment at this point. Crap. Anyhow... I got tired of calling and feeling stupid so we slowly lost touch.

Ok back to the original point. I have basically forgotten all about her and our one night escapade. I guess thats what differentiate great pals and loves. People we care about and develop emotions with will cause ripples of sweet memories which rekindles from time to time..ONS... once over gets forgotten and relegated to the back of our minds.

georgina666 36F

12/3/2005 12:25 am

you've always been sensible, so much so that i have developed strong urges to knock your senses out with my handbag, then we both can be wackos

eternal1969 47M
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12/3/2005 6:18 am

Valley.. my bearings have been generally governed by logic and sense... only losing it at times when I get enough to drink or when my head down south gets overworked

George I am still waiting for the knock from your handbag... I fancy it would be a turn on

mr_simply_me 45M
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12/3/2005 11:55 pm


It depends.... ONS is just a definition....
You can remember one if it was a great one....
Is ONS what you looking for?? Or something you can remember for life??

Anyways.. we have so much brain cells to store..
So it is not possible to store all right?

Actually... I cannot remember the exact details of my first time with a good pal.... Only thing I know is that I am still a pal to her and vice versa....

eternal1969 47M
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12/4/2005 10:13 am

MSM... I suspect that you right about the memory part... man I feel like my brains are aging faster than my body itself..

mr_simply_me 45M
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12/4/2005 3:47 pm


Well.. lol... you need to find a technician to help you sync your brain and boy for maximum efficency

Ok... this comment is done in the morning... no sense right?

eternal1969 47M
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12/6/2005 10:21 am

MSM... I see you are also not a morning person like me

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