Luck at the lottery  

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7/22/2005 10:14 am

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Luck at the lottery

The prize money for our local lottery yesterday was a cool $5m Singapore dollars... that works out to be about US$3m or $1.7m pounds...

I knew something good was gonna happen that day.... felt refreshed in the morning instead of the sleepy, "why must I work" feeling I get most mornings.

When I got to work, only routine documents for vetting were on my table.... there wasn't any files marked "urgent", nobody seating in my office with a crisis in their hands and most of all no frantic phone calls looking for me. This is good, I say to myself..

Went down to the lottery store during lunch and confirmed again that the prize money was still $5m and it was a cascading draw.... ie if no direct winners were drawn, then the prize money will be shared and distributed to all minor prize winners.... Ha can't go wrong this time..

Usually I will stand and stare at the lottery slip for some time, hopping that some numbers forms out in the betting slip. But TODAY, it was different, the betting slip I picked from the tray was already fully marked. Hmmm somebody must have marked the slip but accidentally returned it to the tray.

At that point, I told myself "that was THE sign"... I submitted the slip as it was... the numbers looked fluid and were numbers I would choose.

The rest of the afternoon I was in a daze, daydreaming of my travel itinery, a replacement car and the business deal I was trying to finance I think I had a silly grin on my face for that whole afternoon.

The result was announced over the radio in the evening..... the top prize was won by 2 winning tickets, it meant that 2 lucky persons would get to split the prize money...... I checked my ticket and hallaluah... I won.....
a minor prize of $30 ... ok it covered my capital outlay of $14... but it literally pulled the carpet from under my feet.

ok nevermind, I'll be going up to KL tomorrow and will probably drop by the casino at Gentings. Maybe my pot of luck is calling me from there.

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