Friday Night Out  

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8/5/2005 9:59 pm

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Friday Night Out

Men do whine
And snort like swine

I confess, I'm one of them

Yesterday work was hell and basically Murphy and his laws had their way the whole day. When I finished up with the last customer at 8pm, it was a sheer relief.

Arranged to meet up with my buddy for dinner and since I figured we wouldn't be doing anything exciting after that, decided not to change out of my uniform polo-T. So we met up and then he arranged with another friend of his to join us for dinner. She was in her early 40s and a mother of two. Intelligent, fun and boy can she put women half her age to shame But then again, just talking about her can be a whole blog entry by itself

So we had dinner, an extremely filling one and then she suggests we go clubbing. Now don't get me wrong... I love clubbing BUT feeling extremely rounded after having eaten like that and wearing a uniform to go clubbing wasn't my idea of a happening night. Don't worry she reassures me, people will measure you by your looks and not what you wear. Yeah, right, thats how I always get suckered by beautiful women.

So we decided to go to MW at Mohd Sultan. Great music, loads of beautiful people grooving to the sounds and yes, alcohol But heres the catch, I was too conscious to dance as I was still feeling bloated and uncomfortable in my uniform. (Which happened to be exactly in the same colour as that of the waiters- sheesh, Murphy was still with me)And I couldn't drink myself dizzy to ignore those factors as I couldn't digest anything further.

In other blogs where I've ventured, this is usually the part where some hot fella picks them up and magically connects with them. They then whizz of to a night of amazing sex and all.

Sorry folks didnt work that way here. Nobody really noticed me, the 2 who did, actually tapped on my shoulder because they wanted to place their orders. So here I was in the middle of a happening place, watching all the male attention turned to my companion and me just nursing a bottle of beer. So nothing happened... and I went home alone ... as usual

Learning points :
1. Indulge in one sin a night only. Gluttony and lust never mixes well.

2. People in uniforms (except military) are instant write-offs.

3. For looks to over-ride the uniform factor, you gotta look like Brad Pitt. Sigh.

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