Flat on my face  

eternal1969 47M
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9/5/2005 11:37 am

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Flat on my face

If you survive the fall,
Then climb another 10 floors and jump again

So today I was supposed to meet this Georgina that I mentioned a couple of posts ago. We were to have dinner and chill out at east coast beach. She was running some errands during the day and in the end was too tired to meet up. At about 4pm she decided to call it off and re-arranged to meet me again on Thursday. Was a little disappointed as I had looked forward to completing my little experiment on "Georginas".

Since I had no place to go for dinner, decided to stay back and finish up some work. Was feeling distracted and bored by 8pm so text another gal I met on AdultFriendFinder for coffee. She asked me to give her a call. I did and got a lengthy lecture from her that all AdultFriendFinder guys are only looking for sex and that coffee is just a bullshit cover to draw ladies out. And then she rambles on the issues of unfaithfulness and sleeping around...Sheez I didn't even had a chance to put a word in.

Sigh, she did afterall gave me her number and asked me to call didn't she? What happened to just a simple, "I don't talk to unprincipled guys, bye" and hang up routine anymore.... just my day...

So I went to have a late dinner and back home to check my email. Had an email from another AdultFriendFinder member. She had emailed me last month to say that we had a lot in common and wouldnt mind getting to know me better. So I emailed back, "why not?" Didn't hear from her after a week and emailed her again last night to ask where she had vanished to.

Well she was busy with work, traveling and dating. She told me not to wait for her as, in her own words, there were "so many men so little time". And so I was cyber rejected at stage sub-zero.

But dig this! We were communicating all this time using our AdultFriendFinder handles until this last email. And then I found out her name is ...... yup..... another GEORGINA.

Sigh... . who would have believe that all that happened in a day??? What arse luck....

georgina666 36F

9/6/2005 4:11 am

george had been sneezing the whole day long...gee, is the spores or simply someone is talking about me?! i smelled it...into eternal's lair i swing, and i slam in with style (ouch!)

bad time with the georginas around eh? i never have any misfortune with a particular male name because i simply avoid the next tom, dick or harry with the same name before i sentence them to eternal prejudice and stereotype. i understand how you feel, may you have btter lucks with the next georgina...hmm, on second thoughts, you better stay away from georginas.

me included or excluded? that is to be decided on your peril

eternal1969 47M
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9/6/2005 10:51 am

Well georgie, I'm fortunate that I have a 385km buffer space to protect me from yet another georgie-episode Hmmm strange you could actually smell me from all that distance..

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