A Whole Week  

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5/14/2006 9:35 am

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A Whole Week

Without an update! That's too long, methinks.

Went to a BBQ last night, and of course we had a cold-and-rainy snap. Still, it was good fun. Had some burgers (both beef and venison), some home-made cheese, some home-made ice cream, and quite a lot of beer. Then out to the bars for more (beer, not ice cream - rim shot). Nothing compared to the derby, since I didn't mix, but I did get home at about 2 am feeling rather happy and extremely horny. Nobody at the party, nobody online when I got home, and of course nobody at home willing or able to help me take care of that, so that was a little frustrating, but oh well. A good time with friends - Cool Redhead Band Girl is going to Costa Rica for a year in a few weeks, so we're having lots of good-bye events for her. She'll be missed.

Been feeling a little depressed lately at my lack of luck finding anyone willing to be extramarital with me (yeah, yeah - that's what you get, cheating scuzzbag! boo!); there's absolutely nothing on the horizon. The famed alley girl has a boyfriend, which should keep her occupied for a few months at least, the Sexy South American Chick I fooled around with in the fall has a very serious boyfriend, and the girl ignored by her date the other week is still into him, plus she's already having an affair with someone else, and 2 married guys is apparently more than she's willing to go for, heh.

So, it's porn and that excellent body soap we have in the shower for me for the forseeable future. Wish me luck!

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