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6/21/2006 8:48 pm

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Toys, Toys, Toys

Once in a while, when manual manipulation isn't enough and I don't feel like getting myself together to find some real fun, I turn to my small but sturdy stable of toys. Since I've neglected this blog, I'll share my thoughts on the toys (of a sexual variety, of course) that I've acquired.

Translucence 18 Inch Veined Double Dong

Huge, double-sided and, well, pink. What could've possessed me to purchase such a monster? Well, a friend recommended a double-ended dildo for better control. Personally, I find it unwieldy and I have a hard time taking something that big.

It's a difficult matter, since when I do, it is highly effective and very stimulating. Still, the jelly material is a little too stiff for my taste.

Tantus Ryder Butt Plug

After going too big with my first purchase, I dediced to go smaller. It's not tiny, but it's definitely a bit small for extended stimulation at a 1.5" width with a 4.25" length. Still, it's nice and smooth and the shiny metallic purple makes it damn pretty.

Butt Candy

Maybe I was taken in by the name. It's slightly smaller than the Ryder at 4" with a 3.5" circumference. It's pepto pink and billed as a teaser, whose soft silicon ticklers can be used to massage the anus. Problem is, it's not made of the same high quality silicon as Tantus' products and the ticklers... are actually rather stiff and are more like scratchers. Ouch. If it had a stiffer base and soft jelly-like ticklers, it'd be far better. Right now, it's just bad.

Tantus Acute

Meant for strap-on anal play, the Acute silicon dildo has a distinct curve. Honestly, I needed to buy something else to get free shipping, so I went ahead and picked this up. It's not bad, really. It's roughly the same width as the Ryder, but longer. The curve makes it hard to use all the length, but it'd probably work well with a harness. Seems pretty good for beginners, actually, due to the smoothness. It's big enough to feel but not so big that it'd hurt newbies. Any women wanna volunteer to help test it properly?

Ballistix Plug It

I like this one. Translucent purple rubber.. cool. Obviously, it's a plug, but it's in a different size class than the Ryder being a full inch longer and much wider at its widest point. The ball head on the end is different, too and rather nice. Not for beginners...

Adam's Pleasureskin Cock

Here we go. I've never bought a realistic dildo due to their price. It's just hard to commit to something when you don't know how it'll work out. At about $25 this is one of the least expensive realistic dildos I've seen, but the quality seems, at least to me, rather good. It's 8.5" long and a little thicker than the Translucence dildo I mentioned above. But because the material has a little give on the outer layers, it's a lot more pleasurable to use. I'll have to find another sometime... maybe black...

Whispersoftly5 52F
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7/9/2006 1:27 pm

Wow! This is a really cool post! Thank you!

I'm just now building my toy collection. It's nice to read testimonials about how one likes a product or not - before I go spending my money on one. This is all new for me and I appreciate any help that I can get.

I am loving the toys I have so far - a bullet vibrator (which I use in my ass a lot) - a remote bullet (nice and a lot of fun) - a small vibe - about 3 inches long - hard plastic (okay - good for clit stimulation or to be used annally) - a larger dildo (okay, but I wish it was longer so I had more room for manuvering). That's pretty much all I have so far. My friend has a lot of toys we've been trying out and they are all great so far. He has a tempered glass dildo that I really love!!! Nice!!

Have fun building and using your collection and thank you for sharing!


Thugintheclub13 32M
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9/15/2006 11:13 pm

I like to use toys too! I have a small collection. I have an 18 inch double dildo for me and her to ride! FUN.

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